Are Cobra Kai, Cast Mary Mouser and Xolo Mariduea Dating in Real Life

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Is Cobra Kai Cast Xolo Mariduea Dating Hannah Kepple or Mary Mouser in Real Life?


Cobra Kai lovers, the finish line is almost in sight! John Kreese (Martin Kove) and the Cobra Kai dojo will be defeated by Johnny (William Zabka) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) in the upcoming season of the karate-themed comedy, which returns next week. Based on the previews, you won’t want to miss season four of Cobra Kai.

It goes without saying that the Netflix Original is filled with action. From the All Valley tournament to extremely deadly school fights, there is always some sort of drama occurring.

In addition to physical conflicts, there are also concerns about the heart. Indeed, Cobra Kai has love interactions that may become a little nasty.

Sam (Mary Mouser) and Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) begin a relationship in the first season, but due to their rival dojos, the relationship ultimately fails. During the third season, though, their affections are rekindled and it is clear they still want to be together.

What about the actors that actually play Sam and Miguel? Exists a relationship between the duo off-screen as well?

Are Cobra Kai, Cast Sam and Miguel Dating in Real Life?

Mary Mouser and Xolo Mariduea do not appear to be dating in real life, so those who ship Sam and Miguel (how could you not?) will have to settle for their fictitious relationship.

Are Cobra Kai, Cast Sam and Miguel Dating in Real Life?

As previously stated, the lover of Mary Mouser was an actor called Brett Pierce. The Cobra Kai actress has not posted any images of the couple on Instagram since they celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary in December 2020. She is quite active on social media, so it’s odd that she hasn’t uploaded any new photos with Pierce.

Nevertheless, although Mouser follows Pierce on Instagram, he does not follow her. It appears to be evidence that they’ve called it quits. But, this is currently only a supposition. We have no confirmation one way or the other.

Mariduea is either unmarried or extremely discreet regarding his personal life. There is no indication of a significant other on his often-updated Instagram feed, so he may be single at the moment. This was not always the case, though. In fact, Mariduea dated one of his co-stars from Cobra Kai!

Cobra Kai’s Xolo Mariduena and Hannah Kepple Dated, According to Heavy

According to Heavy, Cobra Kai actress Hannah Kepple, who plays Moon in the Netflix series, confirmed her relationship with Mariduea in 2019. They started dating around 2019.

Xolo Mariduea Dating Hannah Kepple


She stated of her co-star during an interview at The Paley Center for Media, “Actually, I am dating Xolo, who portrays Miguel. In season 1, we were genuinely buddies, a bit flirtatious, then after season 1 we began communicating and it clicked.”

Such a shocker! They sure seemed lovely together. Similar to the status of Mouser’s relationship, it is unknown if Mariduena and Kepple have separated or not. Yet, according to Who’s Dating Who, they dated from 2018 to 2019 According to reports, actor Miguel is currently single. The romance lasted for about two years and in 2021, the couple broke apart.

Even if Mary Mouser and Xolo Mariduea are not dating in real life (as far as we know), we can still support Sam and Miguel in the upcoming season of Cobra Kai.

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