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Are Camille Lamb and Ben Willougby Still Together From Below Deck?

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Reality television often introduces viewers to the personal lives and relationships of its stars, creating a mix of entertainment and curiosity among the audience. In the case of Below Deck, the on-screen romance between Ben Robinson and Camille Grammer has intrigued fans.

As the series progresses and life continues beyond the cameras, the question lingers: Are Ben and Camille still together? In this article, we delve into the latest updates on their relationship status.

Who are Camille and Ben?

Camille and Ben rose to prominence on television after participating in Season 10 of the show. Before we get into what’s going on between them (spoilers), let’s take a moment to learn about Camille and Ben’s importance.

To begin, Camille Lamb previously appeared on American Idol in 2021. Camille has been sailing since she was nine years old, as she comes from a family of commercial seamen. In a nutshell, she is a yachtie.

\She is twenty-four years old. Ben Willougby, on the other hand, is an Australian who describes himself as an “ocean child at heart.” In 2020, he will join the crew of a super yacht stationed in France. He has been a deckhand for many years.

Returning to Camille Lamb and Ben Willougby, their connection has always been positive. When they first met, there was an instant spark. Because the Below Deck Season 10 finale has not yet been broadcast, there will be some spoilers in this piece, so be prepared. Yes. If you’re wondering if Camille Lamb and Ben Willougby are still together, look no further.

Are Camille and Ben Still Together?

Camille Lamb and Ben Willoughby are no longer together, as Ben announced on Instagram. He uploaded photos from their Dominican Republic trip, stating they experienced a “spark comparable to a primary school crush.”

“Unfortunately, we soon realized that this wasn’t meant to be, and to be honest, that was a difficult pill to swallow.” We are no longer together, and in a perfect world, it would have been a fairytale,” Ben wrote.

Are Camille and Ben Still Together

However, it looks like the two are still friends and have no bad blood. Ben was recently interviewed on the Above Deck podcast about the famous reality show. The host even mentioned his “movie romance” with Camille:

It was incredible to be in that moment with her; we literally only had each other on this boat because she was going through a difficult time, and I believe she leaned on my shoulder for support.

Earlier in the season, Ben kissed co-star Leigh-Anne, who later claimed it was “his loss” on Instagram after he opted to remain loyal to Camille.

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“I really like you, but I really want to see what’s going on with Camille,” Ben said as the crew members prepared to leave the boat for the last time. “That’s just where my heart goes, and I’m going to follow that.”

Ben and Camille’s Journey on Below Deck

Ben, a 27-year-old deckhand from Australia’s Gold Coast, joined the vessel. He enjoys traveling and working out, and he has a podcast called “Word On The Teak / Superyacht Crew.”

Camille worked as a deckhand/stew on the show and previously appeared on season 19 of ‘American Idol.’ Needless to mention, she is also a singer and composer. She is a 5th generation seafarer, with the majority of her family being commercial mariners.

The two met for the first time on the show and had an instant connection, but it wasn’t all fun and laughter; they faced a lot of opposition and challenges while confirming their love. Camille was irritated after an incident with the captain.

She ran into Ben in the laundry room, and he hugged her and begged her to “bring that smile back.” By episode 2, their romance had blossomed, resulting in a minor backlash.

Are Camille and Ben Still Together

Alissa, the show’s second stew, flirted with Ben, which enraged fans because she knew Camille was interested in him. She also admitted to flirting with Ben on purpose in order to anger Camille.

The two had gone swimming in the earlier portion of the day, while the rest were at the beach servicing charter customers. This irritated Alissa, and she was adamant about wanting to flirt with Ben.

Ben, on the other hand, stated in the confessional that he was more interested in Camille. He got a lap dance from her, which irritated Alissa even more, and she walked away. Their romance developed over the series, and the two did not shy away from some hot PDA. Even in the show’s hectic environment, the duo’s boatmanship remains unaffected.

Camille, on the other hand, has raised reservations about a long-distance relationship because it appears impossible. She did, however, express a desire to share her life with a new love. “Is it for real?” she inquired. “It is for real,” Ben responded. He appeared absolutely smitten and acknowledged in a monologue that he was “falling hard” for her. “I haven’t felt anything like this in a long time,” Ben added. I’m in a good mood right now. That I will tell you.”

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He told her he’d been alone for two years and that she was the first girl he cuddled with after such a long time. On the program, Ben was always her rock, and he was there for her when she couldn’t manage the strain and turned to supposedly day drinking, rude behavior, a poor work ethic, and a lot of drama with Alissa Humber. Their time on the show was cut short when Captain Sandy Yawn discharged her.

When Camille was replaced, he was furious, and the day before she went home, he asked her to a party where the participants were supposed to unwind and have fun. People were surprised to see her and thought it was strange that she showed up there after being dismissed. However, the pair remained unconcerned and enjoyed their brief encounter.

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