Are Bergie And Taylor Still Together?

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Are Bergie and Taylor Still Together From Love Island USA?

Mai K. Sosa

Love Island’s fifth-season contestants on the CBS network were hot, cute, and fierce. I liked how their relationship grew over the season. Our focus today is on the big question: Are Bergie and Taylor still together? If so, how are they doing?

A common theme across all Love Island franchises is that partners try to stay together after the show ends, but sometimes things like distance, work, or other issues get in the way. So, does that mean that for Carsten Bergersen aka “Bergie” and Taylor Smith? Are they organizing a wedding? Or are they actually moving their own things separately?

Let’s try to find out what happened to this hot and funny couple who were a fan favorite on Love Island season 5.

Are Bergie And Taylor Still Together?

The fans of season 5 of Love Island U.S.A. chose Bergie and Taylor as the third-place couple. After leaving the reality TV show, Bergie and Taylor have kept dating outside of the house.

“I went on a dating show, which was way out of my comfort zone! “I put my heart out there for everyone to see, and I tried to find love while I was being filmed!” the Minnesota native wrote in the comments section of an Instagram post about her birthday on September 1.

Are Bergie And Taylor Still Together?

Some people might say I failed horribly, especially if you saw the first few shows! But I got everything done that I set out to do and more! I met Taylor, and our friendship is getting stronger. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!”

There are a lot of pictures of Bergie and Taylor together on their social media pages. Even though they were far apart and worried about each other, Taylor Smith and Bergie overcame those problems and got mentally and physically close.

And Taylor fell deeply in love with Bergie because he was honest, good-looking, and did the right thing.

True love is more than just Instagram stories, posts, and movies on TikTok. You and your partner are the only ones who can truly understand what it means to be in a caring, honest relationship. The hardest part is finding that one person with whom you can share your deepest hopes and dreams for the future.

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Bergie and Taylor seem to have done that by getting to know each other well, finding a partner who values and accepts them for who they are, and starting a journey full of love, kindness, and growth for both of you.


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