Who is Anne Jakrajutatip's boyfriend? Is she dating Clint Bondad?

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Who is Anne Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend? Is she dating Clint Bondad?


Who is Ann Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend? This is something that fans have been wondering about recently. Why suddenly? Because she was accused of rigging the pageant.

The trans mogul has become the focus of a lot of recent drama on the internet. What is going on in Anne Jakrajutatip’s life? Is she able to have a bright and happening love life? We will talk about that briefly.

Before that, let’s look at how well-known Anne is in the industry. Starting from the beginning, Anne’s real name is Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip. How can we not mention her as a popular name? It’s Ann JKN. It has something to do with her company, JKN Global Group.

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Who is Anne Jakrajutatip?

Anne Jakrajutatip was born on February 17, 1979, and is now 45 years old. She is a Thai businesswoman who owns the Miss Universe Organization at the moment.

Anne is also the owner of two organizations that run beauty pageants: Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. From working at a gas station to becoming the third richest transgender woman in the world is a pretty amazing story.

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Personal Life

When it comes to her personal life, Anne Jakrajutatip is the mother of two children. You had no idea that they were both born through surrogacy.

Who is Anne Jakrajutatip's boyfriend? Is she dating Clint Bondad?

This eventually makes people wonder who Anne is dating. Who is this very important person? Here is what we know about Anne Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend if you are looking for him.

Who is Anne Jakrajutatip’s Boyfriend?

The boyfriend of Anne Jakrajutatip is pretty hard to figure out. People say that the Thai trans mogul, or more specifically, the owner of Miss Universe, is dating a British man.

However, no one knows who this person is at all. Still, Anne’s crush doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the entertainment business.

Anne likes to keep the press out of her personal life. Why? That’s because the fact that she is gay is enough to make trouble. Well, that’s what she thinks, especially now that she’s been involved in beauty pageants for women.

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Regardless of who Anne Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend is, she seems happy and content with her life. Happiness on the inside is more important than getting things. In this way, it seems like Anne is very happy with her two children. She is loved, yes.

Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad Relationship Rumors

People have said that Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad might be dating. Qui est-il? Clint is an actor, though. Love You Two, Girlfriend for Hire, Tragic Theatre, Trophy Wife, Chain Mail, and other works stand out.

Clint was born in 1994, making him 28 years old now. When you talk about Anne and Clint’s friendship, you can say that they are very close. They are close, yes. But they are not in love with each other. They also never went out.

Who is Anne Jakrajutatip's boyfriend? Is she dating Clint Bondad?

Anne once said that Clint lived with her for nine months under the same roof. Both have also given fans a lot of hints about how close they are. Anne even called the actor a “boy toy.” Clint just laughed at this and didn’t care about it.

Someone even asked him if Anne was carrying his baby. He laughed at it again and told that fan that Anne is a trans woman, calling him “stupid.” Clint said, “She is transgender. Are you stupid?”

Not to forget, Anne Jakrajutatip thinks of Clint Bondad as her younger brother. They are a lot of years apart in age, and neither of them is interested in the other. Well, Clint has a girlfriend, too, and Anne is very close to her.

When asked about how they were like brothers and sisters, Anne called Clint a “good man.” She also said that she was going to teach him how to behave better.

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You didn’t know it, but he has also been her fitness coach. We hope that Anne Jakrajutatip has the best days ahead of her. You can follow Anne JKN on Instagram to get more updates from her if she gives any.

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