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Andrew Davila’s Dating History: Is He Dating YouTube Star Lexi Rivera?


Andrew Davila continues to get a lot of attention for his expensive lifestyle, but that’s all because of his funny videos and controversial topics that make them even more enjoyable.

Andrew Davila is still very popular on a number of social media sites because of his picture-perfect photos and catchy videos, as well as the funny pranks he and his brother play on their fans.

The social media influencer has an Instagram account with 2.4 million followers, which is a lot. But Davila hasn’t said much about who he dates and how he feels about it.

He has never said anything in public about a relationship. Many strong sources started saying he was dating Lexi Rivera because their content kept coming out simultaneously. But the rumors never turn out to be true.

Who is Dating Andrew Davila?

In an April 2020 interview with Awesomeness TV, he said that he had never been in a committed relationship. Although he has been associated with the more well-known Youtuber Lexi Rivera, who has 20 million TikTok followers, 8.3 million Instagram followers, and 8 million YouTube subscribers, this has only grown over the previous several years.

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She is Brent’s sister, one of the Rivera sisters. When Lexi posted a video to YouTube titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend,” according to the couple’s fans, they officially announced their relationship. In the video, Rivera teases her ex-boyfriend Ben by making him believe she’s dating Andrew, a coworker.


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Despite this, neither of the alleged duo’s members has openly acknowledged their relationship. Amp Squad published a video in April 2022 in which they claimed Andrew and Lexi were dating.

On occasion, Lexi and Davila will mention on social media that they are more than just online friends and frequently collaborate on projects. In an earlier Instagram story, Lexi is asked if she wants to kiss Andrew, and she replies in the affirmative.

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However, Andrew then gives her the middle finger, implying that everything was just for fun. They still have a tonne of evidence suggesting they might already be dating in the form of pictures, TikToks, and shorts.


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Though there has been no shortage of speculation, neither party has officially confirmed anything. Lexi dated another YouTuber before she began dating Ben Azelart. They had been together since they were in their early to mid-teens.

Andrew Davila Early Life

Andrew Davila came into the world on June 26, 2000. In the United States, he started out in Texas. He will be 22 years old in the year 2022.

Andrew hasn’t told us much about his parents and siblings, so we don’t know much about them. Davila, on the other hand, was born in the United States and is white.


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Davila also has a younger brother and sister, but their names have not been made public yet. He hasn’t said anything about where he went to school or what he learned. On the other hand, he might be to blame because he is old and going to college.

Andrew Davila Career Highlights

Andrew has a lot of fans on the Internet. He signed up for Instagram in the month of March 2017. Millions of people have looked at and liked his photos and funny videos. At the time this was written, he had 2.6 million fans.

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Besides having an Instagram account, he also has a YouTube channel with the same name. Since the channel started in August 2014, more than 2.38 million people have signed up to watch it.


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He also works hard on the collaborative channel Sunset Park, which he helped start and runs with a group of close friends. They talk about different things about what it’s like to live in Los Angeles. Alan Stokes, Sam Dezz, Coby Persin, Okaymoe, and Ethan Bradberry are among the other people who make videos for the channel.

Since February 24, 2017, when the channel first appeared on YouTube, it has gained more than 112,000 subscribers. He is also well-known on TikTok and Twitter, where he has 6.9 million and 29.5 thousand fans, respectively. The influencer has also worked on social media content with other Instagram stars, such as Ben Azelart, Lexi Rivera, and Caleb Burton.

Andrew Davila’s Net Worth and How Much Does He Own?


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An influential person on social media is known by his name: Andrew Davila. He has done a lot in his work life thus far. Andrew has accumulated a solid fortune in his line of work. He’s got a fortune of about $1,000,000, or so the estimations go.

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