Will Trent Episode 4 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation

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Will Trent Episode 4 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation!


Will Trent Episode 4 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation: Since it started in January, ABC’s crime drama series “Will Trent” has shown that “Will Trent” is a dyslexic but smart detective who can be a little obsessive at times but always solves the case, no matter how hard it is.

Trent is neither a charming socialite like Hercule Poirot nor a bigger-than-life genius like Sherlock Holmes, but he is very good at finding clues and catching the bad guy. As the episodes go on, the show makes him a more interesting character by showing his visible and invisible scars.

We also learn about the stories of the people around him and how much he cares about them, but the first few spots on that list are almost always the same. So, with that in mind, let’s look at what we learned about Trent’s life in this week’s fourth episode.

Will Trent Season 1 Episode 4 Highlights

  • ABC’s crime drama series “Will Trent” features a dyslexic but smart detective named Will Trent
  • The show makes him a more interesting character by showing his visible and invisible scars
  • In episode 4, the story takes place at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia where a victim is found to have been tortured and kidnapped
  • The victim, named Arthur Tealy, was a physically abusive husband and father
  • The suspects have a ritualistic motive and have been repeating a process they have done before
  • The kidnapper had a secret bunker where he tortured the people he took hostage
  • They also poisoned and weakened their victims by giving them jequirity seeds or prayer beans
  • The suspect’s motive is connected to a job posting for people wanting to change their lives, which includes a verse from Timothy 3:8.

Will Trent Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Investigating a Torture Case at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia

Episode 4 of “Will Trent” starts at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, where a content creator named Blair talks about the urban legend of the “Howling Man” while a half-naked man runs through the woods. While Blair and her friend are recording, a gunshot, a clear sound of something being hit by a car, a scream, and then a car crash startle them.

The two go to the scene while calling 911. When they get there, they see an old woman in the passenger seat who says they didn’t see him coming. Blair is shocked to see that the barely alive victim is a shirtless middle-aged man with several scars on his body and white pupils.

Faith is also seeing a general doctor because she passed out and cut herself above her eyebrows. Even though she’s afraid of needles, the doctor wants to do some tests to find out what’s wrong with her. Trent’s boss, Amanda, calls him while he’s waiting for Faith in the lobby. She tells him that Stone Mountain police need him to go to St. Peter’s Hospital to work with Ormewood and Angie Polaski on an accident/kidnapping case. An accident victim is a white man in his 50s.

There are signs that he was tortured, and just before he died, he barely said the name, Timothy. While Ormewood was talking to the Coldfields, the elderly couple who hit the man, the couple’s son, Tom, came and rushed them home. Faith doesn’t tell anyone the truth when they ask her about the test reports as the four of them go to the crime scene to look for clues that will help them figure out who the victim or the killer is.

Uncovering a Ritualistic Kidnapping and Murder at Stone Mountain Park

At the scene of the crime, Blair and her friend tell the police that the old man who ran over the man who was running was looking in the direction from which the shot came and that they saw a green pickup truck speeding by the dead body. After getting a copy of the record from them, the detectives search the area and find a bloody rope, a driver’s license, and the man whose license they just found hanging from a tree. Only his eyes were also white.

Will Trent Episode 4 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation

Trent has trouble sleeping because he keeps thinking about Ormewood and Angie, but he doesn’t tell her about it. At the GBI, the victims are named Arthur Tealy and Phineas Lathrop. Trent and Faith think that Tealy and Lathrop were held up and that Lathrop was shot as Tealy ran away.

But Tealy also didn’t have much luck because he was hit by the Coldfields. Trent asks Faith if she’s okay since she skipped breakfast before going with Ormewood to check on the bodies. The examiner shows the agents that the kidnapper poisoned and weakened his victims by giving them jequirity seeds or prayer beans, which are much deadlier than ricin.

They also find the same cigarette burns on the right hands of both victims. Trent figures out right away that this is some kind of ritual. Ormewood also makes a joke about Angie that makes Trent’s jaw tighten. Faith finds out from Arthur’s daughter and Phineas’s wife that both men were bad husbands and fathers. Arthur was physically abusive, and Phineas was a careless alcoholic. Faith checks her blood sugar level by herself in the bathroom.

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Uncovering the Suspect’s Torture Bunker and Motive

Ormewood falls through a hole and twists his ankle while looking for the kidnapper’s secret bunker, where he tortured the people he took hostage. Inside the bunker, the agents find everything from car batteries to bloodstained mattresses to prayer beads.

Trent writes on his tape recorder that the suspect is repeating a process that he has done before. Trent finds a kneeling stool with broken glass on the knee rest. Faith finds a notebook with the same Bible verse written over and over by different people.

Trent doesn’t want to check out any more notebooks, and he also sees candles, an army knife, and a few things that can be used to torture people. Faith notices the name of the church where the kneeling chair-turned-torture device came from.

Even though the church’s pastor doesn’t know what’s going on because some of the kneelers were sold at a garage sale before he had to leave for an appointment, Faith finds a job posting on the church’s bulletin board that Trent asks her to read for him. It’s for people who want to change their lives and includes a verse from Timothy 3:8. Trent says that this is how the suspects usually act.

In another place, a man calls himself Duke and talks to someone holding prayer beads about the job posting. Trent listens to the message from Blair, but his thoughts keep going back to Angie and Ormewood. When Faith comes and tells him that the flyer doesn’t lead anywhere, he gives her a protein bar.

Ormewood and Angie come in and tell everyone that someone named Duke Ulrich answered a flyer at his AA meeting and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. When Angie tries to stop them from fighting, the two men fight right away. Ormewood and Angie then go their separate ways to talk to the missing people.

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The Investigation Leads to the Kidnapper’s Identity

Trent can’t think straight when he gets to where Duke went missing because Angie and Ormewood’s actions keep bothering him. Faith almost passes out as she tells Trent about the scene, and Trent has to help her. After making her see that he only wants to help, he gives her help with the insulin needle.

When Trent notices confetti on her blazer, she says that she knows Trent has dyslexia and wishes he had told her sooner. When the detectives add that to the plastic from the Taser cartridge, they end up back at the church with the Pastor. When all the evidence points to him, he quickly calls his lawyer.

Will Trent Episode 4 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation

Ormewood finds out from Paul’s girlfriend that on his way to a nearby dairy farm, a man would rant about how fathers who leave their kids would go to hell. She also says that the worker at the dairy farm was young, had brown hair, and a patchy beard. Ormewood then goes to Dresdner Dairy.

By following the tyre tracks inside, he finds a green pickup truck with prayer beads hanging from the inside mirror. He tries to call Angie right away, but the person who took her zaps him. Trent comes in and asks the Pastor if he knows Judith and Henry Coldfield when he is on his twelfth try to listen to the recording.

The detective knew that the car hit Arthur with the intent to kill him because it didn’t honk or slow down. The Pastor says that the church took care of Judith when she was living with her abusive ex-husband Travis many years ago. After questioning the Coldfields, the agents found out that Judith’s ex-husband Travis tortured her in the same way as the victims.

They killed Travis and then went on a mission to punish abusive and neglectful fathers. Trent figures out that since the Coldfields ran over Arthur but didn’t shoot Phineas, the kidnapper must be their son Tom. Amanda tells them that while they were looking for the kidnapper, Ormewood went missing.

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Fight for Survival Inside the Abandoned Dairy Farm

Inside the abandoned dairy farm, Tom tortures Duke and Ormewood. When the cop starts to challenge Tom, he starts to brings out his torture tools, like prayer beads, a knife, cigarettes, etc. He says that he is just like his abusive father and that he makes his victims blind because he is ashamed of himself.

Tom rushes at Ormewood, which starts a fight. After hurting the psychopath, Tom and Duke run away. Duke passes out from his wounds as they drag themselves through the dairy farm, and they hide from Tom while holding a gun.

The police and agents then surrounded the farm, and Trent, Faith, and Angie got closer. Just as Ormewood is about to strike, he realizes it’s Trent. He stops, but Tom is right behind them. But Faith and Angie are all around him, and he is arrested and taken away while Trent and Ormewood make up.

Later, Trent tells Faith that he has told himself he won’t let his dyslexia make people treat him differently, so he works hard to look normal. We also find out that Trent would get burned with cigarettes if he couldn’t follow written instructions, but he knows that just because he has a disability doesn’t mean he’s worthless, as he used to be called. At home, Trent finally stops thinking about Angie and Ormewood in a disturbing way, and he and Angie kiss as the credits start to roll.

Performing Cast

  • Faith Mitchell is played by Iantha Richardson.
  • Michael Ormewood is played by Jake McLaughlin.
  • Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner.
  • Ramón Rodrguez portrays Will Trent.
  • Angie Polaski is played by Erika Christensen.

Will Trent Episode 4 Ending Explained

Episode 4 of “Will Trent” goes deeper into Will Trent’s life, and more of his problems start to become clear. Only in the first episode of “Will Trent” did his stitches show through his shirt. Now, Angie kisses the stitches on his arm, and he admits that he was abused as a child.

Because he had trouble reading as a child, people treated him like he was worthless and that’s why he was tortured in these ways. Paul Campano, who he and Angie grew up with, was one of the people who picked on him. The only difference was that these people burned him with cigarettes and probably did more, which is why he needed stitches.

Trent used to be unable to understand other people’s pain and sadness. When he learned that Faith has diabetes, he started carrying protein bars in his pocket. The episode shows how much he has changed in the last four episodes and how he is now able to control his demons.

When Trent saves him from the psychopath Tom, he can finally stop thinking about Angie and Ormewood, which had been bothering him the whole episode. With only one episode left, we need to find out what else this smart special agent is hiding and where his relationship with Angie ends up.

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