Will Trent Episode 1 Review

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Will Trent Episode 1 Review and Highlights:Who is the Killer in the Premiere of Will Trent?


ABC is making a TV show based on the Will Trent book series by Karin Slaughter. The show will be called Will Trent. The show is about a special agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigations named Will Trent (GBI). His past doesn’t make him the most popular among the other characters, but he does well. Read on for a summary of Will Trent’s first episode.

The Premiere Introduces Will Trent as a Special GBI Agent

Abigail, played by the wonderful Jennifer Morrison, is on the phone with her husband Paul, played by the legendary Mark-Paul Gosselaar, at the start of the first episode of Will Trent. She has every right to be mad at him for cheating on her with their trainer. But as Abigail walks into their house, she sees broken glass and figures that someone has broken in. Even though Paul asks her not to, she goes into the house to check on Emma, who is 16 years old.

Abigail goes inside and sees a bloody man standing over what looks like Emma’s dead body. They fall down the stairs, and Abigail ends up on top. She uses her tennis racket to kill the man she doesn’t know. We have our first murder case, ladies and gentlemen.

Will Trent Episode 1 Review

In the next scene, Will Trent, who had just defeated a group of corrupt police officers, is trying to drop off Betty, the chihuahua that his dead neighbor left behind, at an animal shelter. Will keeps Betty when he finds out it’s not a no-kill. As they drive away, people can see that someone wrote “rat,” “snitch,” and “traitor” on his car.

Will’s boss, Deputy Director Amanda Wagner, comes to get him and take him to the crime scene. Will starts to read about the crime scene there and realizes he knows the father of the victim. When Paul gets there, he says that the dead woman is Emma’s friend Kayla and not Emma.

Will figures out that the person who killed Kayla stabbed the man Abigail later killed, and that person took Emma. Adam Humphrey, a freshman at a nearby college, is who the police say the dead man is.

The Search Continues for Emma and the Suspect

In another part of the first episode of Will Trent, viewers meet Detective Angie Polaski, who is supposedly a recovering drug addict and is working undercover at the moment. She takes drugs, though, while trying to catch a drug dealer.

Will looks at the scene of the crime and finds that whoever took Emma also took her car. While waiting to catch the supplier, Angie finds the car and calls Will to tell him where it is. It’s clear that they’ve known each other for a long time. But that’s probably a story for another time.

When Detective Michael Ormewood gets to the scene of the crime, he is angry that the GBI took him away from his murder case to look for a “trust fund runaway.” And it’s clear that he doesn’t like Will. But when Ormewood comes, Will goes to look at the car with his new partner, Detective Faith Mitchell. They find blood in the trunk and a camera from a music studio that is pointing right at the car.

A man who works at the studio and has trouble reading lets Will and Faith watch the videos. They show that the suspect switched cars and that Emma was taken away by a second kidnapper.

Ormewood looks into Adam’s life more and finds out that he was friends with Emma, not Kayla. Kenny has a stroke while he and Adam are using force to question Adam’s roommate.

Will and Faith get into a fight while they are stuck in traffic. Will figures out that Faith’s mom was one of the bad cops he caught. Will and Paul get into a fight at the GBI office when Will says he thinks Paul was sleeping with Kayla. And he tells them that they were both raised in the same foster home.

Because the police are there, the deal with Angie’s supplier has to be put off. But in the first episode of Will Trent, she still gets one of his thugs arrested. Later, the police captain moves her away from the vice division by making her Ormewood’s partner in homicide.

Who is the Killer in the Premiere of ‘Will Trent’?

Adam’s roommate admits to Will and Faith at the conclusion of the premiere of Will Trent that Adam was sleeping with Emma. And someone warned him to avoid Emma by leaving threatening letters, which Adam’s roommate reveals to Will and Faith. The message reveals that the offender has dyslexia, which leads the partners back to Warren, the man at the music studio.

Will Trent Episode 1 Review

Will and Faith return to the recording studio, where they discover Warren high on drugs and imprisoned inside. He admits to killing Kayla and claims his boyfriend told him to commit suicide. Warren commits suicide, leaving detectives without any leads. However, Will and Faith make amends and resolve to move forward as partners.

Will discovers Angie sitting on his couch with a key at his residence. Angie was at the group home alongside Will and Paul, the show shows. Will and Angie have a romantic history, which becomes clear when they begin kissing. When she removes his shirt, Will’s chest and back reveal obvious scars.

When the police later send Will some of Emma’s school records, we discover that Will has dyslexia. And Paul appears at Will’s front door wearing a bloody shirt. He asserts that he shot the abductor of Emma.

Will Trent is on ABC on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET. On Wednesday, January 4, fans can watch the first episode of Will Trent on Hulu.

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