When Will Mythic Quest Season 4 Premiere on Apple TV

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When Will Mythic Quest Season 4 Premiere on Apple Tv? Check Out the Plot and the New Cast Members!


Mythic Quest Season 4 Premiere date on Apple TV: Like the end of Return of the King, Apple TV’s Mythic Quest is an adventure that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. Except that, it’s a good thing in this case.

Apple confirmed that both a third and fourth season of the show was in the works more than a year before the third season started airing.

Matt Cherniss, who is in charge of programming for Apple TV+, said the following on October 21, 2021, in a press release: “Like critics and audiences all over the world, we fell in love with Rob and his team’s sharp writing and full-of-heart, relatable characters that make up the world of Mythic Quest.

So, now that season three is over, what can viewers expect from season four of Mythic Quest? Grab a buffalo chicken pizza with ranch and blue cheese from the nearest gas station and join us here at Digital Spy as we tell you everything you need to know about season four of Mythic Quest on Apple TV+.

About “Mythic Quest” Series

Mythic Quest is an American comedy series that debuted in February 2020 on Apple TV+. The cast includes Rob McElhenney, F. Murray Abraham, David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, Imani Hakim, Charlotte Nicdao, Ashly Burch, and Jessie Ennis. The show was created by Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz.

The series follows the team behind the popular online multiplayer game Mythic Quest as they endeavor to make the game a success while facing personal and professional obstacles.

Mythic Quest Season 4 Potential Release Date


Mythic Quest has been praised for its incisive prose, witty humor, and nuanced character growth. The series has addressed a variety of topics, including workplace dynamics, mental health, and diversity in the gaming industry.

The pandemic special episode, which was filmed remotely and explored the challenges encountered by the team during the COVID-19 lockdown, also received critical acclaim.

The series has been renewed for a third season, which will premiere in 2022 on Apple TV+. The upcoming season of Mythic Quest is anticipated to continue the storylines of previous seasons while introducing new challenges and conflicts for the cast and crew.

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The success of the program has also led to the creation of a spin-off series titled “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet,” which is scheduled to debut on Apple TV+ in 2022. Overall, Mythic Quest’s clever writing, relatable characters, and distinct blend of comedy and drama have made it a fan favorite.

Mythic Quest Season 4 Potential Release Date

Most likely, Mythic Quest won’t be back until 2024. Hornsby, who also serves as an executive producer for the show, told Collider that Season 4 wasn’t getting a lot of attention yet.

In November 2022, he said, “It’s hard enough to plan 10 episodes.” “I think we might have a few tent poles along the way that we have ideas for, but I think with anything, you have to know that you might have to let them go because you might find something even more interesting.”

Many of the actors and writers have worked on the FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which will start filming its 16th season in January 2023 for a fall debut, according to actor Danny DeVito. Hornsby told Collider, “We have to finish Always Sunny, and then we’ll be back with Season 4.” “So there’s a little bit of downtime between seasons.”

In the meantime, Apple TV+ announced a spin-off series called Mere Mortals. It will have eight episodes and look at “how the game affects the lives of employees, players, and fans.” It will be available to stream sometime in 2023.

In the past, viewers have only had to wait about a year between installments. If we had to speculate, we’d say the launch of Mythic Quest season 4 will occur in the first half of 2024.

This post will be changed as more information about Mythic Quest Season 4 comes out.

Where To Watch Mythic Quest Season 4?

Mythic Quest is a popular TV show that shows how the people who made a fake video game live their lives. Fans of the show can use streaming services like Apple TV+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video to watch new episodes.

Mythic Quest can also be seen on cable channels like FX Networks, Comedy Central, and IFC. Also, trusted digital stores like iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV let viewers buy individual episodes or whole seasons. No matter what device you use to watch Mythic Quest, you’re sure to enjoy this funny and fun show.

What Will Happen in Mythic Quest Season 4?

At the end of the third season of Mythic Quest, a lot of big changes happened.

First, Jo kind of forced David to fire her so that David could feel good about himself again after the executives canceled his Mythic Quest movie. She screamed as she left, “That man in there is a killer!” “Watch out behind you!”

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By the end of the episode, Jo and Brad had no choice but to work together again, this time as part of Dana’s new rival video game studio, much to Rachel’s surprise. “I’m done working for dysfunctional people. I’m going to do my own thing, you know?”

When Will Mythic Quest Season 4 Premiere on Netflix

That is bad news for Mythic Quest, especially since the game has been losing popularity while David has been in charge. He still has a chance, though, and Ian’s news is what gave him that chance.

Realizing that he is, in fact, “a terrible partner” to Poppy, Ian admits his platonic love for her and eats a slice of buffalo chicken pizza with ranch and blue cheese from the gas station to prove it. And that’s the end of their business.

Instead, Ian and Poppy have decided to go back to Mythic Quest and combine their new game idea with David’s desperate need for a new expansion pack. Together, they might be impossible to stop, but Dana’s new half-bad team might get in the way in season four. You already know they will, though.

Who Will Be in the Cast of the Mythic Quest Season 4?

Apple TV+ hasn’t said who will be back for the fourth season yet. David Hornsby (as David Brittlesbee), Danny Pudi (as Brad Bakshi), Ashly Burch (as Rachel), Imani Hakim (as Dana), Jessie Ennis (as Jo), and Naomi Ekperigin (as Jo) also played major roles in Season 3. (as Carol). Joe Manganiello, Lindsey Kraft, and Casey Sander all had small roles on the show.

F. Murray Abraham left his role as C.W. Longbottom, the “crusty and wildly inappropriate head writer of the Mythic Quest,” before Season 3. (He just finished Season 2 of The White Lotus, where he played the grandfather.) “It’s too bad that Murray isn’t in this season,” McElhenney told reporters before the season started, as reported by Variety. “But we know that C.W. is a popular character who plays a big role in the show. So, we made sure to give him a really good send-off. We deal with it in a big way for sure.”

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When Can I See the Mythic Quest Season 4 Trailer?

If all goes well, new Mythic Quest season 4 footage could be shown at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, around July 2023. If not, we could expect at least a teaser by the end of this year, in the fall, if not more. Mark us as a favorite so you can find out more when we do.

Final Words

Mythic Quest is returning for a third and fourth season. Apple confirmed that both seasons were in the works more than a year before the third aired. Most likely, Mythic Quest won’t be back until 2024. Mythic Quest is getting a spin-off series called Mere Mortals. It will look at “how the game affects the lives of employees, players, and fans”.

The eight-episode series will be available on Apple TV+ sometime in 2023. Who will be in the cast? Ian and Poppy McElhenney have decided to go back to the show’s roots. A possible teaser could be shown at San Diego Comic-Con this summer if all goes well.

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