The King’s Affection Season 2 Release Date

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The King’s Affection Season 2 Release Date: What Will Happen in Season 2?

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The King’s Affection Season 2 Release Date: The Korean historical drama series ‘The King’s Affection,’ which was made by Ki Min-soo and Hong Seok-gu, is about a young princess who lives in hiding. Her hard life is because of a rule in her land that says all female babies must be killed. So she won’t die, she is sent outside the palace in secret.

Years later, she comes back to the palace as a girl named Dam-i. When her twin brother dies, their mother tells her to take over his name. After the end of the first season, fans of this intense drama show were left wanting more. If you want to know if there will be a second season, we’ve got you covered.

The King’s Affection Season 2 Release Date

Here are some important facts about the second season. The show’s writers haven’t said anything about whether or not it will continue, and Netflix has also been quiet. But its high numbers could make it easy for it to come back, even though most Korean shows only last for one season. The numbers started out well, with 6.2% of the country’s viewers, and they kept going up. So, the show’s home network, KBS2, might decide to give it another season.

As important as numbers are, what happens to a K-drama after it airs is just as important. There has been a lot of uproar on the internet about a few shows, which led to them being brought back. Fans didn’t want to say goodbye to some of their favorite shows, like “Voice,” “Hospital Playlist,” “Love Alarm,” and others. Because of this, none of these shows followed the idea that Korean shows only have one season.

The King’s Affection Season 2 Release Date

In terms of the plot, ‘The King’s Affection’ seems to have tied up all the loose ends and ended Dam-i’s quest to beat her grandpa. But we can’t say for sure that the series won’t come back in a different way with new characters or a new storyline for the same ones. Even if KBS2 announces another season soon, it will take a few more months to finish making it. Taking all of these things into account, we think that ‘The King’s Affection’ season 2 will come out in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Who Could Be in Season 2 of The King’s Affection?

Park Eun-bin plays the main character, Crown Prince Lee Hwi/Yeon Seon/Dam-i, in the first season. Kim Ro-woon plays Dam-i’s teacher, Jung Ji-Woon, who falls in love with her. Go Woo-rim, who plays young Jung Ji-woon, Nam Yoon-su, who plays Lee Hyun/Prince Jaeun, Choi Ro-Woon, who plays young Lee Hyun, Bae Yoon-Kyung, who plays Shin So-eun, and Jung Chae-yeon, who plays Noh Ha-Kyung, are also major cast members.

If the show is recommissioned, these stars are likely to come back. Since their characters die at the end of season 1, it’s unlikely that Yoon Je-moon (Han Ki-Jae) and Choi Byung-chan (Kim Ga-on/Kang Eun-seo) will come back.

We can’t say for sure, though, that they won’t show up as guest stars if the story of the possible second season includes flashbacks. If there is a second season, a few new people might join the group.

What Will Happen in Season 2 of The King’s Affection?

In the last episode of season 1, Dam-i poisons her grandpa because she has no more ideas for how to save her kingdom. As part of her plan to get rid of the old man, she takes the poison. But she lives through it, and the people of the country later forgive her for pretending to be her twin brother.

The King’s Affection Season 2 Release Date

She also sees Jung Ji-Woon, the man she loves most in the world, and he promises to never leave her side. If there is a second season, it could start where the first one left off. Dam-i will have been named Crown Queen again, and that’s probably where her trip will begin.

If you can’t wait for the premiere of The King’s Affection season 2, there are many other shows in a similar vein to hold you through. These shows include Today’s Webtoon Season 2, My Beautiful Man Season 3, and more.

The King’s Affection: End of the First Season

The first season of the TV show King’s Affection had 20 episodes. In the last episode of King’s Affection season 1, we saw how the story finished well. After so much trouble, the main character, Eun-Seo, was finally able to reach his goal and become the palace royal leader. He kept doing his job to protect the king.

Ha-Kyung could finally live like everyone else. Now that she is queen, she doesn’t have to worry about her title and can go see her father whenever she wants. Lady Kim and Eunuch continue to do their jobs helping the king.


The King’s Affection is a Korean historical drama series about a young princess who lives in hiding due to a rule that all female babies must be killed. It is expected to come back in the fourth quarter of 2022, with new characters and a new storyline.

Park Eun-bin, Kim Ro-Woon, Go Woo-rim, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Ro-Woon, Bae Yoon-Kyung, and Jung Chae-Yeon are major cast members in the first season of King’s Affection. If there is a second season, Dam-i will be named Crown Queen again and her trip will begin.

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