The Interest of Love Episode 12 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation

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The Interest of Love Episode 12 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation


The Interest of Love is a Korean romantic drama series directed by Jo Yeong-min and starring Yoo Yeon-Seok, Mun Ka-young, Keum Sae-rok, and Jung Ga-ram. The TV show is based on Lee Hyuk-book jin’s Sarangui Ihae. The show moves into the Wednesday-Thursday 10:30 PM KST time slot that Insider with Kang Ha-Neul used to have.

Episode 12 of “The Interest of Love” runs for 75 minutes.

The Interest of Love Episode 12 Highlights

  • “The Interest of Love” is a Korean romantic drama series directed by Jo Yeong-min
  • Stars Yoo Yeon-seok, Mun Ka-young, Keum Sae-rok, and Jung Ga-ram.
  • Episode 12 runs for 75 minutes.
  • The story revolves around the relationships of Su-Yeong, Sang-Su, Mi-Gyeong, and Jong-Hyeon.
  • The night of episode 12 is a heavy intimate night between Su-Yeong and Sang-Su, but it’s revealed to be a figment of Mi-gyeong’s imagination.
  • Sang-Su breaks up with Mi-Gyeong, and Su-yeong and Jong-hyeon go on a date.
  • Seok-Hyeon gets into trouble due to a scandal.
  • Mi-Gyeong warns Su-Yeong about the consequences of causing a scandal at work.
  • Sang-Su feels confused about his feelings for Mi-Gyeong.
  • Su-yeong and Jong-hyeon’s date is distant, and he gives her a couple of ring, but it doesn’t fit.
  • Sang-Su is called out by Mi-Seon and Mi-Gyeong, and he decides to tell the truth about his feelings.

The Interest of Love Episode 12 Recap

Intimate Night and Breaking Up

As Su-Yeong follows Sang-Su into a hotel room, Dice Game plays in the background of The Interest of Love episode 12. What happens next is a night of heavy intimacy, but it’s all in Mi-head, gyeong’s which is bad news for fans of the couple. She is having dinner with Gyeong-Pil and is almost certain that they are dating.

Mi-Gyeong goes on a rant about how she gave Sang-Su her whole heart and tells Gyeong-Pil that she ignored everything in the hopes that he would give up Su-Yeong.

After a short recap of what went wrong in the last episode, we see Sang-Su break up with Mi-Gyeong. She tries to get him to stay by telling him that Jong-Hyeon and Su-Yeong are living together, but Sang-Su has already decided to break up with Mi-Gyeong.

The Interest of Love Episode 12 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation

Jong-hyeon asks Su-Yeong if she likes him at the same time. Su-Yeong turns the question around and asks him if the only feeling he has for her is love. At home, where everyone’s heart is broken, Su-Yeong calls Sang-su to see if he’s okay. She finally finds him standing outside her house, and Jong-hyeon watches them meet from their house.

Sang-su and Su-Yeong talk about how they feel as they walk to make sense of what is going on around them.

Mi-gyeong sees Su-Yeong making coffee in the break room the next day at work, but she acts as nothing has happened. She tells her a lie without thinking about it, saying that she and Sang-su went out the other night to celebrate her birthday and ended up staying up pretty late just talking. Su-Yeong looks very confused and bewildered, but she doesn’t say anything else.

Seok-Hyeon gets in trouble because of the scandal, and he has to miss two months of school. Mi-gyeong warns Su-yeong in a casual way that this is the result of causing a scandal at work when he was a banker. This is because his private matter is becoming the talk of the town. Su-yeong is aware of the threat.

Confused Feelings and a Date

But when Seok-Hyeon tells everyone that he made this terrible mistake because he didn’t want to feel bad about it, Sang-su probably finds it a bit too true. Later, he asks Mi-gyeong if she thought about what he said the night before. She starts begging again and tells him about what happened to Seok-Hyeon and his ex-girlfriend and how everyone talked badly about them both.

Mi-words gyeong bring pause to Sang-su. But he asks her if she is still interested in dating him now that she knows how he really feels. Mi-gyeong tells him that anything is better than breaking up with him, which leaves Sang-su looking completely dumbfounded.

Later that night, Su-Yeong goes to a bar with Jong-Hyeon and his study partners. Seon-jae is mean and rude to Su-yeong and says that Jong-Hyeon has said before that he has the most fun with her. Anyway, after the strange fight, as they were going home, Jong-Hyeon asked Su-yeong on a date for the next day.

Su-Yeong agrees, and when he takes her hand, she asks him to let go because he has sweaty palms. Sang-su watches them go inside together and realizes that Mi-gyeong is telling the truth when she says she lives with Jong-hyeon.

When he gives his mother the gifts he bought for her, she tells him to sit down and tell her what’s going on. Sang-su tells his mother how he feels, but she doesn’t know what to say.

The next morning, Su-Yeong and Jong-Hyeon go on their date. During their time together, they seem very distant; Su-yeong seems almost uncomfortable in this situation. He gives her a couple of ring while they are out for a walk, but when he tries to put it on her finger, it doesn’t fit.

Truth Comes Out: Relationships in Turmoil

Sang-su is called out to hang out with Mi-Seon, and Mi-seon is very excited to try to buy suits for him. He feels awkward, so he decides to tell her the truth, but he also calls Mi-gyeong over. It’s really awkward when Mi-seon talks about supporting their marriage, knowing that Sang-su wanted to tell her that was the news.

When Sang-su tells them the truth, that they have decided to break up, he hurts both of their feelings. Mi-seon is clearly angry, and Mi-gyeong is also not happy. She talks to Sang-su and asks him why he can’t just love her back since she still loves him so much. She asks him if Su-Yeong will also end things with Jong-Hyeon, but Sang-su doesn’t know.

While this is going on, Jong-Hyeon tells Su-Yeong that he will leave as soon as he can and pay her all the money back. Su-Yeong agrees, and later, when she’s alone, she thinks about everything that happened between her and Jong-Hyeon and tries to figure out how she really feels about it all. The good night text from Sang-su is obviously not helpful.

The next morning at work, Su-yeong is there when Ku-il tells Sang-su not to offend anyone in Mi-family gyeong’s if he doesn’t want to end up like Seok-Hyeon. Sang-su changes the subject right away, but the damage has already been done.

At work, Su-yeong gets a notice about the 4th quarter position transfer. While she thinks about it, Mi-gyeong stops by to apologize for telling Sang-su that she lives with Jong-Hyeon. She tells her that she dislikes her, and Su-yeong says that’s fine. But Mi-gyeong tells her that she won’t hate her because she doesn’t want to give her a reason to hate her. She wants that to make her change her mind about him.

Gyeong-pil tells Su-Yeong a story about when he was in college and dated a girl from a wealthy family. But one day, her cousin went up to him and asked him to stop dating her. He then came up with a plan that hurt their relationship and, in a roundabout way, caused them to break up.

Jong-Hyeon and Sang-su have their own fight when Sang-su calls Su-Yeong as soon as he gets home from work. Jong-hyeon catches him in the act and asks who he was calling and why he ended the call. He then shows him the couple’s ring on his finger in a sneaky way, leaving Sang-su to wonder what the hell is going on.

Sang-su and Su-yeong’s Decision and Discussion

With the new information he’s been given at home, Sang-su has a lot to think about. Jong-Hyeon notices that Su-ring yeong’s isn’t on her finger. She has trouble putting it on, but when Sang-su tells her to come outside for a minute to talk, she tries very hard to get the ring off. The act probably makes her think about who she likes.

The next day, when Su-Yeong suddenly takes the day off, Sang-su is sent to the subbranch. He finds her iPod at her desk while Su-yeong goes for a walk on the beach to think about what to do with her complicated life. Sang-su, on the other hand, listens to the songs on Su-iPod yeong’s and then calls her.

The Interest of Love Episode 12 Highlights, Recap and Ending Explanation

When he finds out where she is, he runs to her and tells Gyeong-pil he is done thinking and will now follow his heart. At the beach, they talk about their childhoods and hard times, and Sang-su tells Su-yeong that her “sand castle” will be safe and stay together for a very long time. So, she doesn’t have to throw it away herself.

She later asks for something to drink, but when Sang-su runs back to her, she is nowhere to be found. He also goes to her house, but he can’t find her because her phone is turned off. While that was going on, Su-Yeong went to her parents’ shop, where her father was working. They sit down to drink, and she asks him why he did what he did and broke up their family.

The Interest of Love Episode 12 Ending Explanation

The next day at work, Sang-su is upset and asks around if Su-Yeong is there. He goes to see Jong-Hyeon in the locker room while he is out on the street. When he gets there, Jong-Hyeon is in a bad mood. He asks her in the break room why she left him alone the day before. She just ignores him and goes outside.

She runs into a furious Jong-Hyeon in the hallway. He asks her if she really did something so bad. She tells him that he already knows the answer, which she says is rude. Jong-Hyeon runs over to Sang-su as the whole bank watches, but at the last second, he punches Gyeong-pil right in the face. When Sang-su tries to stop him, Jong-Hyeon asks him if he has also slept with Su-Yeong, which surprises everyone.

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The Interest of Love Episode 12 Review

I feel like I’m going crazy because of The Interest of Love. I don’t like it, but it’s so crazy and dangerous that I have to watch every episode (and obviously for these articles). The series is completely crazy. I don’t know where in the world it would be okay to do THIS instead of breaking up and just dating one person afterward. That would be less stressful and dramatic than whatever the main characters are doing.

But, on the other hand, I do get it. Sang-su is in love, but he thought he could get over it, but here we are. Su-Yeong can’t let go of Jong-Hyeon because he would be homeless if he did. She feels like she has to help him, and that man has the nerve to have a sus relationship with that aggressive little study partner. No matter what other people say, he is having at least some kind of emotional affair.

Last but not least, I have nothing to say about Mi-Gyeong. At the very least, homegirl needs serious therapy to deal with her daddy issues. It’s so sad to see how she grovels at Sang-feet su’s that it’s no longer funny, and my heart hurts for her. I don’t know why, but that girl makes me feel so bad.

Also, someone from Mi-family gyeong’s made Gyeong-pil feel like he had to leave Mi-Gyeong or else. I think that the “sleeping around” story was just a rumor they spread to get her to leave him, which is exactly what Su-Yeong did in this episode. I want to know why Gyeong-pil is burning himself to keep Sang-su warm. What’s going on here?

I love this drama even though I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love how stupid it all is and how dramatic it is. Everything could have been solved with one conversation and a bigger heart to forgive, but who needs that when you can just burn everything down and look at each other painfully?

If Su-Yeong doesn’t choose Sang-su in the end, I think I’ll blow up on my own. After all that they’ve done to each other, I need them to end up together for this to make sense. I don’t know what will happen to me if Su-Yeong ends up with Jong-Hyeon; I think I might stop working or something.

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