The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date

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The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date: Will the Hit Korean Drama Continue?

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The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date: All you Korean fans, we have the latest information about one of the most important South Korean shows, The Golden Spoon, whose first season came out on September 23, 2022, and has 16 episodes. And after season 1 was a huge hit, fans asked for season 2, which has yet to be announced by the show’s production team.

So, in this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about season 2 of The Golden Spoon, including its plot, release date, preview, IMDb rating, etc.

So, first of all, we’d like to tell you that the show got a good review on IMDb: 7.6 out of 10.

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date

If we’re talking about The Golden Spoon series, I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Fans want season 2 very much, but the production team hasn’t said for sure if it will happen yet.

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date

But there might be a chance that season 2 will be extended by the end of 2024 or by the beginning of 2025.

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Creators

The Golden Spoon is a great South Korean TV show. It was written by Yoon Eun-Kyung and Kim Eun-Hee and directed by the well-known Korean director Song Hyun Wook. Kim Bo-mi is a senior producer for the show, along with Shin Sang-Yeon, Ahn Je-Hyeon, and others. A well-known Korean musician named Tae-Jeon wrote the words for the music, and MBC TV and Dolby Digital audio were used for the original broadcast of the series.

The creators’ choice of cast members is also something that makes them stand out. For example, Yook Sung-Jae, Yeonwoo, Lee Jong-Won, and other popular actors are all in the show.

If you can’t wait for the premiere of The Golden Spoon season 2, there are many other shows in a similar vein to hold you through. These shows include Little Women Season 2, Unlock My Boss Season 2, and more.

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Cast

The popular Korean actress Chae Yon is one of the well-known stars in the thriller series The Golden Spoon. Even though she broke her collarbone and had surgery, she kept shooting.

Actor/Actress Character
Yook Sung-Jae Lee Seung-cheon
Jung Chae-Yeon Na Joo-hee
Lee Jong-won Hwang Tae-Yong
Yeonwoo Oh Yeo-jin
Choi Dae-Chul Lee Cheol
Han Chae-ah Jin Seon-hye

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Story

The best parts of this drama have already been portrayed, and season three won’t add anything new to the mix.

But if we grant that there would be a second season, what would the plot of that installment be? We probably could have seen more of Seung Cheon and Juhee if they had been given more screen time. Do you want to share any hypotheses with us?

An Overview of Season 1 of The Golden Spoon

Lee Seung Cheon, a high school student, and extremely low-income man is the protagonist of The Golden Spoon, a fantasy drama about his declining existence. Seung Cheon discovers a golden spoon and uses it to pay for three dinners at the home of Tae Yong, the school’s most popular and wealthy student.

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date

Once Seung Cheon has eaten three meals at Tae Yong’s residence, they switch places and he becomes Tae Yong. While Seung Cheon now enjoys the lavish lifestyle he had always dreamed of, not everything has turned out as planned. The repercussions of his decision to switch places with Tae Yong began to mount.

Swing Cheom appears to be losing his true family, the woman he loves, and his friends; will wealth restore him to his former self? Where does Seung Cheon’s future lie? You can watch the entire saga unfold on Disney+ Hotstar if you’re intrigued.


The Golden Spoon is a South Korean TV show with 16 episodes and a 7.6 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Season 2 may be extended by 2024 or 2025. The Golden Spoon is a fantasy drama about a low-income man who discovers a golden spoon and uses it to pay for dinners at Tae Yong’s residence. Will wealth restore him to his former self?

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