The Glory Season 2 Renewal Status

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Is Netflix Going to Renew The Glory for Season 2? See Ending Explanation of Season 1!


The Glory is a Kdrama about revenge that tells the story of a young woman in her 30s who is ready with a plan to get back at the bullies who hurt her in the past. Ahn Gil-ho is in charge of the drama, which stars Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Im Ji-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Yeom Hye-ran, Jung Sung-il, and others.

The Glory tells the story of a young boy who wants to be an architect but has to drop out of school because of bullying. Later, when her bullies are happy and living a normal life, she plans carefully over the years and becomes the homeroom teacher of one of her bully’s children.

The Glory Season 2 Renewal Update

The first season of The Glory has been great, and we’re sure that season 2 will do this thriller justice. We can’t wait to see Dong-Eun get even with the people who picked on her, which will be a sight to behold.

The Glory Season 2 Renewal Status

I think we are underestimating how bad Yeon-jin is because she seems to be a much more dangerous villain than we have seen so far. No sane person could be able to kill someone at school and go on with their life, and The Glory season 2 could be about how she gets worse from here on out.

Season 2 of The Glory will start in March 2023, but no date has been set for the show to come back. But that doesn’t mean fans won’t wait, because we’re all looking forward to its return with great excitement.

So let’s wait for season 2. In the meantime, tell us what you think of season 1 in the comments below!

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The Glory Ending Explained

The Glory was the first part of Moon Dong-story. Eun’s It showed why she wants revenge so badly and what she has planned for the people who hurt her in the past. Part 1 of this Kdrama showed us why Song Hye-character, Kyo’s Moon Dong-Eun, is obsessed with her bully and will do anything to get back at him.

In the last episode of this Kdrama, Dong-Eun gets her hands on puppets she can use to get back at Park Yeon-jin, the leader of her bullies and the person Dong-Eun is obsessed with.

Later, she brings Jeon Jae-Joon and Ha Do-young together as part of a plan to make Yeon-life jin’s difficult by putting her husband and the father of her child in the same room. Dong-Eun can’t stay calm when she meets Jae-Joon because she remembers the bad things he did in the past. However, she continues to fight her instincts to carry out her plans.

Do-young has doubts about Dong-Eun and wants to know what she is planning and why, so he goes to find Choi Hye-Jeong, who Dong-Eun had beaten, to find out. He soon finds out about a side of his wife he didn’t know about, which leaves him speechless and worried.

Later, he meets Joo Yeo-Jung at the Go park and talks to a stranger about his problems. He doesn’t know that the same stranger is guiding and watching him. Yeo-Jung tells Dong-Eun later that Do-young will soon call her.

Do-young, on the other hand, asks Yeon-jin about Dong-Eun. Yeon-jin tells him in a subtle way that he shouldn’t pry into her past if he wants to keep his marriage happy. She tells him that she will take care of everything and not let her past affect her future.

Jae-Joon can’t stop thinking about his daughter, so he meets Yeon-jin to bring her back into his life. However, Yeon-jin realizes that she has fallen in love with her husband. But the two don’t know that Dong-Eun is watching them and has figured out that Myeong-disappearance oh’s is probably because Yeon-jin killed him.

The Glory Season 2 Renewal Status

Yeo-Jung asks Dong-Eun why he put her mother on the list of murderers, and Dong-Eun asks him for his passcode, not knowing that the number he gives him is the inmate number of the person who killed his father. The same person who has been sending him letters about the murder scene and making him feel bad.

The next scene shows Jae-Joon getting a call from the police station. Someone has reported that Myeong-oh has gone missing, putting them all in danger. Dong-Eun has made sure that Kang Hyun-daughter nam has everything she needs to study abroad, but her plan is about to go horribly wrong.

Yeon-jin, on the other hand, goes to Dong-apartment Eun’s and is shocked to find out that she has been living in front of her house the whole time. Soon, she breaks into Dong-apartment, Eun’s, and what she sees there shocks her.

Do-young runs into Dong-Eun somewhere else and asks her why she talked to him and why she’s planning all this against Yeon-jin. Dong-Eun tells him that the truth will hurt him, but that he needs to know this.

Yeo-Jung goes to the mortuary and finds that Yoon So-body hee’s is not there. Meanwhile, Yeon-jin is shocked to see Do-young walk into Dong-apartment. Eun’s

Dong-Eun makes her next move on the Go board at Yeo-house, Jung’s where the show ends.

The ending is really exciting because the masks have been taken off and the real revenge is about to start. After this amazing show, we all feel like we have a lot of questions and are eager to find out the answers. It’s clear that Dong-revenge Eun’s will be for a bigger reason than any of us can imagine, and the feeling we’ll get from it will be well worth the wait.

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