The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

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The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained: Who Killed Myeong-O?


The Glory is a Netflix original South Korean revenge drama series authored by Kim Eun-sook.

The protagonist, Moon Dong-eun, is a high school student who endures terrible bullying at the hands of her classmates throughout the story.

The tormentors’ families are wealthy, whereas Dong-family eun’s is middle-class, so even calling the teachers and police is futile.

When her own mother betrays her for money, Dong-eun drops out of school and devotes several years to plotting vengeance against those who either tortured her or attempted to conceal the cruelty she endured.

Later, she obtains a teaching certificate and begins working with Park Yeon-daughter jin’s in her homeroom.

Despite their superiority complexes and arrogance, the people who bullied her in the past realize that the time for their reckoning has arrived when she finally makes her presence known.

School violence and retribution are the central themes of “The Glory.” The narrative also highlights class warfare strongly.

Everything you might possibly want to know about the conclusion of part 2 of ‘The Glory’ is provided here.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

When we first met Moon Dong-Eun, she had a stony demeanor and was using makeup to conceal her unsightly scars.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

She went out there to wreak revenge on her high school bullies, Lee Sa-Ra, Son Myeong-O, Hye-Jeong, Park Yeon-Jin, and Jeon Jae-Jun.

If these individuals weren’t so powerful and wealthy, Dong-Eun wouldn’t have had to wait so long and hunt for a partner to exact her retribution.

In the first chapter of The Glory, Dong-Eun became close with Joo Yeo-Jeong, a physician and future proprietor of Joo General Hospital.

He instructed her in Go so she could defeat Do-Yeong, vowed to be her executioner, and eventually fell in love with Dong-Eun. Do-Yeong is a multimillionaire business magnate and the husband of Yeon- Jin.

Dong-Eun desires Do-assistance Yeong’s in her hunt, but contacting him will not be straightforward. She invades every aspect of Yeon- Jin’s daughter’s life by accepting a teaching position at her school.

Do-Yeong learns numerous details about his filthy wife as the show progresses. She cheated on him with Jae-Jun, another victim of Dong-list Eun’s and her high school boyfriend.

Do-Yeong and Jae-Jun gradually realize that Ye-Sol is, in reality, Jae-daughter Jun’s and that Yeon-Jin has concealed this information on purpose from both of them.

In the interim, Yeo-Jeong is seeking to add color to Dong- Eun’s monotonous existence. Nevertheless, So-death He is only beyond the threshold, and Dong-wrath Eun’s is also waiting for her there.

Who Killed Myeong-O?

Myeong-O was murdered by Park Yeon-Jin to prevent Park Yeon-Jin from revealing the truth about the killing of Yoon So-Hee.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

Son Myeong-O ultimately summons Yeon-Jin to Siesta’s changing room, where she engages in her promiscuous affairs, after attempting to convince everyone to demand any amount of money.

After threatening to expose Yeon-infidelity, Jin’s Myeong-O begins recording her talk on his phone, but Yeon-Jin is unfazed by this extortion effort.

In the end, though, Yeon-Jin takes one of the alcohol bottles and repeatedly strikes Myeong-O in the head with it until Myeong-O collapses to the ground and begins to lose consciousness in his own pool of blood.

Did Dong-Eun Finally Get Her Revenge?

Now that we’ve reached the most exciting portion of the series, the finale, things become somewhat hectic.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

Do- Yeong’s mother just discovered that Ye-father Sol’s is named Jae-Jun; as a result, she has been chasing Yeon-Jin with a stick.

Dong-Eun revealed Yeon-Jin to the public and wrote about Sa-substance Ra’s usage. Yeon-Jin has enlisted her former maid, Kang Heyon-Nam, to fight her adversaries.

De-Yeong has left Yeon-Jin as well. She is isolated in a prison cell while her pals also serve time for their sins.

Dong-vengeance Eun has resulted in Yeon-isolation, Jin’s deprivation of wealth, notoriety, and her so-called friends. Yeo-Jeong is not forgotten, even if she has taken vengeance.

Kang Yeong-Cheon wins recompense for his father’s murder. Even though Dong- Eun’s vengeance has always been the story’s central subject, The Glory has developed.

Dong-Eun not only receives retribution, but she also has a comrade who will always stand by her side.

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