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The Girl Downstairs Kdrama Release Date Netflix, Cast, Plot and More Details!


Good news for k-drama fans The Girl Downstairs, an upcoming series starring Bae Suzy and set to debut on Netflix in the near future will soon be available to watch online. This series, which will be produced by Studio Dragon and is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, is an adaptation of the webcomic of the same name. This television show is still in the production phase with Lee Doo-na (Bae Suzy) playing the lead role. Because Lee Jeong Hyo, who also directed Romance Is A Bonus Book, Crash Landing On You, and Life On Mars, is behind the camera for this Korean drama, viewers can anticipate that it will be an enjoyable experience to watch.

When Will The Girl Downstairs Premiere on Netflix?

According to What’s On Netflix, Season 1 contains a total of eight episodes. However, the duration of each episode has not yet been disclosed. Given that production is presently underway, it is anticipated that the series will debut on Netflix in the spring of 2023.

The Girl Downstairs Kdrama Netflix

The series’ official webtoon summary goes as follows:

“When Joon moves into his new apartment on his first day of college, he wasn’t expecting beautiful ex-celebrity Duna to be living downstairs. Joon tries to avoid her at first but finds himself growing more and more curious about her mysterious life.”

Lee Doo-na is a member of the fictional girl group Dream Sweet in the original webtoon. She impulsively decides to resign and pursue her theatrical and film studies at Minsong University. It is unknown whether Netflix would use the same narrative for its future series or make adjustments as deemed necessary.

Where Can I Read The Girl Downstairs?

On the app, you may read new episodes for free every day. Download the WEBTOON app from the App Store or Google Play by scanning the QR code.

The Girl Downstairs Storyline

It is a forthcoming South Korean romantic drama set for premiere in 2023. It is an original Netflix drama series. Popular Korean idols Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong have been cast as the drama’s female and male leads, respectively. The drama is being directed by the renowned Korean director Lee Jeong Hyo, whose previous works include Crash Landing on You, Life on Mars, Romance Is a Bonus Book, etc.

This article provides all relevant information regarding the Korean drama The Girl Downstairs. It includes the whole cast list, plot, filming status, and release date updates for The Girl Downstairs, as well as information on how to watch this drama through paid or free subscription.

Is The Downstairs Girl Based on a True Story?

Of course, it helps to know that the problems in “The Downstairs Girl” are based on real-life events. One thing about Stacey Lee you should know is that she does her homework. “The Downstairs Girl” is a genuine mouthful, even though it may be just the thing for some people.

Basic Details of The Girl Downstairs

  • Drama Name: The Girl Downstairs
  • Other Name: Lee Doo Na! , Lee Du Na!
  • Country: South Korea
  • Total Episodes: 8 Episodes
  • Running Time: Not Yet Disclosed
  • Original Network: Netflix
  • Original Language: Korean
  • Genres: Romance, Drama
  • Sub Titles: English, Hindi, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Filipino, Urdu & More

The Cast of The Girl Downstairs

Former Miss A member Bae Suzy, who previously appeared in two Netflix Originals, Start-Up, and Vagabond, has been cast as Lee Doo Na in The Girl Downstairs.

The Girl Downstairs Kdrama Netflix
Yang Se Jong has been cast as Lee Won Joon’s lead. Yang Se Jong had only appeared in one Netflix Original series prior to The Girl Downstairs, My Country: The New Age. He’s also recognized for his roles in the famous plays Thirty But Seventeen and Dr. Romantic.
Lee Yoo Bi’s casting as an unknown supporting character implies she will be making her Netflix Original debut. Her prior leading roles include Somehow 18, Pinocchio, and A Poem a Day.

Suzy as Lee DooNa

When Lee DooNa was the lead vocalist for the girl group Dream Sweet, she made the decision to resign. She returned to the theatre and film Programme at Minsong University and began acting erratically, such as sharing a house in a neighborhood with another student.

Yang Sejong as Lee GainedJoon

College freshman Lee GainedJoon is a student. He moves in right away to a house that he shares with Lee DooNa, a student who eventually becomes a well-known idol.

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Final Words

The Girl Downstairs is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. The drama is being directed by renowned Korean director Lee Jeong Hyo. Popular Korean idols Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong have been cast as the drama’s female and male leads. The Girl Downstairs stars Yang Se Jong, Bae Suzy, Lee Won Joon, and Lee Yoo Bi. The drama is based on a true story with many parallels to real-life events. Former Miss A member Suzy makes her Netflix Original debut as Lee Doo Na.

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