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Tale of the Nine Tailed Season 3 Release Date: What We Know So Far?

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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Release Date: Tale of the Nine-Tailed is a popular fantasy-romance story that aired on tvN in 2020 and 2021. In the series, Yi Yeon, a boy gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox) who lives in the modern world, has adventures and meets different supernatural beings and people. In the first season, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, and Kim Bum were the main characters.

In the second season, “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938,” Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum were in a different time period when Japan was a colony. A cliffhanger at the end of the second season hinted that there might be a third season set in the Joseon reign. Here is what we know so far about Season 3 of Tale of the Nine Tails.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Renewal Status

After the success of the first two seasons, tvN has announced that Tale of the Nine-Tailed will have a third season, according to several news sources. But the network hasn’t said anything visible about the new season’s cast, plot, or when it will come out.

A tvN official said, “We are now having good talks about Season 3 of Tale of the Nine-Tails.” Nothing has been decided yet about who will be in the play and how it will be shown.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Release Date

Since nothing has been announced yet, it is hard to say when Season 3 of Tale of the Nine-Tailed will start. But based on when the first two seasons came out, we can guess that the third season will come out sometime in 2024.

Tale of the Nine Tailed Season 3 Release Date

The first season played from October to December 2020, and the second season premium on May 6, 2023. If the third season is like the first two, it might come out in the first half of 2024.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Cast

tvN hasn’t said anything yet about Season 3 of Tale of the Nine-Tails, so we don’t know who will be in it. But it seems likely that Lee Dong Wook will play Yi Yeon, the main character of the series, again. So far, Lee Dong Wook has played Yi Yeon in both seasons. His role is very important to the story. Kim Bum, who played Yi Yeon’s half-brother and foe, Yi Rang, in both seasons, could also come back. Fans and reviewers both liked how Kim Bum played the role of Yi Rang.

But it’s not clear if Jo Bo Ah will join them for the third season. In the first season, Jo Bo Ah played Nam Ji Ah, a human director who fell in love with Yi Yeon. She did not show up in the second season, though, because it was set in a different time. There have been rumors that Jo Bo Ah won’t be in the new sequels, but tvN hasn’t confirmed or rejected this. Fans want to know who will play Yi Yeon’s love interest or if he will have one at all in the third season.

Kim Yong Ji as Ki Yoo Ri, Hwang Hee as Shin Joo Hyuk, Ahn Gil Kang as Hyun Eui Ong, Kim Jung Nan as Pal Ui Pa, and Lee Tae Ri as Imoogi may or may not be back for the third season.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Plot

tvN hasn’t shared a synopsis or teaser for Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3, so we don’t know what will happen in that season either. But based on how the second season ended, we can guess that the third season will take place sometime between the 14th and 19th centuries during the Joseon dynasty.

Yi Yeon said, “So this is Joseon?” at the end of the second season after he got out of a strange portal that took him to different times. The show then showed a short animated scene of Yi Yeon running away from two guys dressed in Joseon clothes who were after him.

Tale of the Nine Tailed Season 3 Release Date

This means that Yi Yeon will have to deal with new problems and enemies while trying to find his way back to his own time. It’s not clear how Yi Rang and other characters will fit into this plot or if they will even show up. It’s also possible that the third season will add new characters and subplots that have something to do with the Joseon time.

Until the premiere of Tale of the Nine-Tailed season 3, there are lots of other shows to keep you occupied from the same genre. Love of Replica Season 2, The King’s Affection Season 2, and many more come under this category.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2 Recap

The Nine-Tailed Tail 1938 was the second season of the show, which aired on May 6, 2023. It followed Yi Yeon as he went back in time to 1938 when Korea was ruled by the Japanese. There, he met Kim So-yeon, a freedom fighter who looked like Nam Ji-ah, and found out that she was his first love Ah-eum coming back to life.

He also met Yi Rang again. Yi Rang, who went by the name Kato and worked as a spy for the Japanese army, was there. Yi Yeon and Yi Rang didn’t get along well because they both blamed each other for bad things that happened to them in the past.

At the same time, they had to deal with a new enemy: Imoogi, who had taken over the body of Ho-gyeong, a young man who was obsessed with Kim So-Yeon. Imoogi wanted to destroy the world and make his own heaven by using the power of a special stone called the Samdocheon.

Yi Yeon and his friends had to stop Imoogi from reaching his goal, but they also had to deal with their own problems and feelings. Yi Yeon beat Imoogi and saved Kim So-yeon at the end of the second season, but he lost the stone in the process. He then went through a doorway that took him to a different time: Joseon.


Tale of the Nine-Tails Season 3 is still being made, and there is no clear word on who will be in it, what will happen, or when it will come out. But fans can look forward to seeing more of Lee Dong Wook’s charismatic performance as Yi Yeon as he travels through time and faces new obstacles.

The third season might also reveal more secrets about the gumiho lore and what happens to the other characters. Fans can watch the first two seasons of Tale of the Nine-Tails again on different online services until then.

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