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Start-Up Kdrama Season 2 Release Date: What Can We Expect From It?

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Start-Up Kdrama Season 2 Release Date: In the first season of StartUp, Seo Dal-Mi’s story took some interesting turns. The interesting plot kept people watching until the end, and now they want Start-UP Kdrama Season 2. The first season of this Kdrama was pretty serious and based on real life. Also, it was great that the characters’ personal lives didn’t get in the way of their professional growth. So, after a great first part, will fans be able to read the next one? Read on to find out.

Start-UP is a love drama TV show from South Korea. It was about Seo Dal-mi, who wants to be a business owner like Steve Jobs. On October 17, 2020, the first episode started to air. The show had 16 episodes in total before it ended on December 6 of the same year. After the show ended on tvN, it became available to watch on Netflix.

Will There Be a Second Season of ‘Start Up’?

Dramas from South Korea are getting more and more popular all over the world these days. This is because people all over the world watched a lot of Kdrama during the pandemic, which made it very famous all of a sudden. Start-Up is one of these shows that became very famous during this time. Fans and reviewers alike had a huge amount to say about the Kdrama’s first season.

Even more, people watched it after it was added to Netflix’s library. But most Kdramas only last for one season, and it’s not often that they get a second season. There are some shows that have more than one season, like Hospital Playlist, Kingdom, and Love Alarm. Also, the first season of the Kdrama finished on a happy note and didn’t leave any loose ends for Start-Up Kdrama Season 2. So, there aren’t many chances that fans will ever get to see this show again.

Start-Up Kdrama Season 2 Release Date

As was already said, there aren’t many chances that this Kdrama will come back. Only if Netflix chooses to take over making the show and renew it for another run will there be a second season. If this happens, fans can expect Season 2 of Start-Up Kdrama to come out in 2024.

Start-Up Kdrama Season 2 Release Date

Where Are the Actors and Characters Now?

The main character, Seo Dal Mi, is played by Bae Suzy, who is known for shows like “Vagabond,” “While You Were Sleeping,” and “Uncontrollably Fond.” Seo Dal Mi picked her father over her mother. Leaving behind her mother and her sister, Won In Jae, who was her only best friend.

Bae Suzy is known to be working on her new K-drama, “The Second Anna,” a year after the show ended. The date that “The Second Anna” will come out is not yet known. Nam Joo Hyuk plays Nam Do San. He is known for being the main character in hit Korean shows like “The Bride of Habaek,” “The School Nurse Files,” and “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.”

The once-talented coder is now sad. He is the major character in the upcoming K-drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” where he is working right now. The book will come out in 2022.

What Can We Expect From the Second Season of “Start-up”?

There are always more possibilities, and who knows, we might get a second season of “Start-Up” in the next few years. So, if there is a season 2, we can expect the famous “Sandbox” to come back. It will be full of new thinkers and businesspeople who want to change the world for the better. Han Ji Pyung is also likely to come back as an investor and teacher. Even though it seems unlikely that we’ll see more of Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San. Either of them could be our guide at the Sandbox.

Start-Up Kdrama Season 2 Release Date

On the other hand, people have been curious about Cheong Myeong Tech’s future. Along with Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San’s wedding. From what happened at the shareholder meeting to how the company and the lovers are doing, a second season of ‘Start Up’ might be a good idea. Along with a conclusion that Han Ji Pyung still doesn’t have.

If you can’t wait for the premiere of start-up season 2, there are many other shows in a similar vein to hold you through. These shows include The Director Who Buys Me Dinner Season 2, Lawless Lawyer Season 2, and more.

What Happened at the End of “Start-Up Season 1”?

The story began with Dal Mi and In Jae, two sisters, being split up when their parents got a divorce when they were in school. In the future, Dal Mi dropped out of college, works part-time, and lives with her grandma, who owns a corn dog stand. Jae is an engineer who has moved up in her stepfather’s company where she works.

Dal Mi goes to the public lecture at Sandbox, where Han Ji Pyung and Won In Jae are guests, on their way to talk to their sister. But when Dal Mi says her name, not only In Jae remembers her. Han Ji Pyung, who is sitting next to In Jae, also thinks about Dal Mi, the girl who didn’t have any friends and was always alone. He wrote letters to people using the name Nam Do San. Nam Do San had no idea about any of this.


Start-Up, a South Korean love drama TV show, aired its first season on October 17, 2020, and ended on December 6, of the same year. The show, which was popular during the pandemic, has gained popularity worldwide. The first season ended on a positive note, with fans eagerly anticipating a second season.4

The show’s main character, Seo Dal-Mi, is played by Bae Suzy, who is working on her new K-drama, “The Second Anna.” Nam Joo Hyuk plays Nam Do San, a coder in the upcoming K-drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One.” A second season could feature new thinkers and businesspeople, as well as Han Ji Pyung as an investor and teacher.

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