She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained

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She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained: Qin Shi and Yang Hua’s Relationship!


She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained: Dear readers, the drama with She and Her Perfect Husband is finally over. Even though I’m still working on the recaps, I thought some of you might want to know how this drama ends. I thought that the story of She and Her Perfect Husband had a happy ending. In this post, I’ll talk about the ending of She and Her Perfect Husband in more depth.

How did Qin Shi and Yang Hua get hurt? Even though their relationship was built on a lie, would they be able to keep it? What about Wu Fei and Tao Jun Hui? Let’s figure it out.

She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained

What Happened to Qin Shi?

After Qin Shi got married, Wu Fei told Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng that they had been telling lies. Qin Shi was made a legal assistant instead of a lawyer. The day after Wu Fei was demoted, Qin Shi was able to make her so mad that she quit her job at Cheng & Hui. She also made sure to scold Zhuo Qian Qian, who had lied to her.

Qin Shi still took care of the Yao Yao case, which everyone else tried to avoid. Well, she couldn’t get out of it because Tang Yi Hui forced and scared her into taking the case. Even though Tianhang had already merged with Cheng & Hui, Yin Zhi Qiang still wanted to sue Yao Yao and even asked for a few unreasonable conditions. Qin Shi found out that a personal grudge was behind this complicated case.

Yin Zhi Qiang was a sexual predator who used the women who worked for him. Still, he couldn’t find Yao Yao, even though he had spent a lot of time and money to make her like him. Qin Shi was a shrewd person, but she still cared about what was right. Now, her conscience told her that Yin Zhi Qiang was a scumbag who didn’t deserve to be defended. Qin Shi asked for help from Li Dai. She took over the case as Yao Yao’s lawyer, and Qin Shi did her best to do her job as Tianhang’s lawyer and help Yao Yao at the same time.

She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained

For Qin Shi, life was giving her a lemon. It all depended on her whether she could change it into a lemonade or not. Her cooperation with Li Dai was exposed to Tang Yi Hui. The lady boss was furious, she scolded Qin Shi because what she did was a pure betrayal. Qin Shi asked Tang Yi Hui whether she really wanted Chen & Hui to defend a bad person like Yin Zhi Qiang.

Tang Yi Hui’s answer made her sad, so Qin Shi decided to quit. When Tao Jun Hui heard that she was leaving, he went straight to her. He wanted to help her because he didn’t want Qin Shi to leave Cheng & Hui. Qin Shi met her mentor, Bian Jing, by chance. She told Qin Shi that Bian Jing realized she had been wrong all along after she left the law firm.

Justice in society wasn’t kept up by just one person. Qin Shi had done what she had to do, and Bian Jing hoped that when Qin Shi left, Cheng and Hui would realize that women are more than just words.

Qin Shi did everything he could to help Yao Yao’s case. She started her own law firm, and she and Li Dai sued Yin Zhi Qiang on behalf of a group of people. Even though there were 40 women who had been hurt by Yin Zhi Qiang, it was hard for them to find proof. But now they had help.

Yang Hua helped her get help from Gang Zi. At the same time, Tao Jun Hui gave her a key piece of evidence. A video of Yin Zhi Qiang molesting a woman named Han that he and Hai Tao made. Both men gave her help behind her back. After a lot of hard work over the next seven months, Qin Shi and Li Dai won the class action and became well-known.

Cheng & Hui offered Qin Shi a job and a place as a senior partner, but he turned them down. Tang Yi Hui told her that an accident killed Pang Ding Fang and his mistress. All of his money and property would go to Lan Xiao Ting, and she wanted Qin Shi to be her lawyer. Qin Shi didn’t want to go back to live with Cheng and Hui.

Still, she had no plans to end her relationship with them. So, she found the perfect answer. Lan Xiao Ting’s lawyer would be Qin Shi, who would work with Cheng & Hui. The fee for the lawyer would be split between her and Cheng & Hui. Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng agreed, and when they left, they were happy and had a lot of money.

The Mystery of Yang Hua’s Working Life

In She and Her Perfect Husband, Yang Hua has become a better person because of the person he is with. The lone man finally left his house and went to work like everyone else. Even though he was willing to work in any job, his halo still shone brightly, and he was still very stubborn. Cai Liang couldn’t believe that his genius friend was willing to do a job that was way below his skills.

Yang Hua was able to face his past career failure and accept it after he met Wang Jie Sen. Now, he worked at the bank for one reason: to save up enough money to buy a house for himself and Qin Shi and use it as a love token to ask her to marry him. He got more benefits as an employee if he went there to get a loan for his home. Well, Yang Hua was thinking about money, that’s for sure.

She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained

After what happened in Hangzhou, Yang Hua sent an email to Hu Ping telling him to think again about investing in the new energy project. Hu Ping liked his report and wanted to know what he was trying to do, so he called Yang Hua. Yang Hua told Hu Ping that if he agreed with his analysis, he should think again about investing in Cheng & Hui. He was also asked to come to Hu Ping’s house.

Hu Ping apologized to Yang Hua in person for the Hangzhou case because he didn’t know that Qin Shi was Yang Hua’s wife. But Yang Hua said that Qin Shi always worked hard and that he shouldn’t apologize because of that.

Before Yang Hua came, Hu Ping already had a report from a reliable source about the new energy project. Yang Hua’s email said the same thing as the report. But they came to a different conclusion because Yang Hua told him not to invest in the project. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” Yang Hua wrote in his email, which caught Hu Ping’s attention. This means that it’s better to be happy with what you have than to try to get more and risk losing everything.

In the end, Hu Ping gave Yang Hua a job as his top financial advisor. Yang Hua took Hu Ping up on his offer and became his right-hand man. And Yang Hua might have let Cai Liang join him because he asked him to. Cai Liang said he would take any job, no matter how much money it paid, as long as it was double or triple what he was making now.

What Happened to Qin Shi and Yang Hua’s Relationship?

In She and Her Perfect Husband, The relationship between Qin Shi and Yang Hua hit a wall when Yang Hua figured out what the real problem was. Back then, Qin Shi saw Tao Jun Hui at work while he was drunk. He just got back from a party to mark the merger of Cheng & Hui and Tianhang. Qin Shi took Tao Jun Hui home, but she didn’t know where his house was, so she stopped to find him a hotel or a taxi to take him home.

She called Yang Hua to ask for help taking care of Tao Jun Hui. But Tao Jun Hui had already moved before Yang Hua got there. He gave Qin Shi a tight hug and said he was sorry for losing her. Tao Jun Hui asked Qin Shi to marry him, and it didn’t matter to him that she was already divorced since her first marriage was fake. Qin Shi said she was already married and would never leave her husband.

A Qin can lose their partner to death, but they can never get a divorce. But when Tao Jun Hui asked if she fell in love with Yang Hua, she didn’t know how to answer.

She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained

Qin Shi found it hard to say how she felt because she thought she didn’t deserve to be happy. Her past with her family and her job as a divorce lawyer hurt her. She was afraid of getting married and living with a husband. Qin Shi knew she loved Yang Hua and wanted to stay with him, but she couldn’t tell him. Yang Hua saw and heard what they said.

Yang Hua asked for a divorce when they got home. He said that Qin Shi had broken their agreement because she used their marriage as an excuse to run away from real life and as a shield for being a coward. Right now, she took a shortcut to avoid finding a partner or building a relationship because she already had one, but it was all because they liked the same things.

But at the time, Qin Shi didn’t know what Yang Hua meant by what he said. She thought that Tao Jun Hui’s talk was making Yang Hua mad. She hugged him and tried to get him to change his mind, but Yang Hua was set on getting a divorce the next day. She yelled at him because Qin Shi was worried and angry.

Yang Hua told him that he should thank Tao Jun Hui instead because he forced Qin Shi to tell the truth, and if Qin Shi hadn’t, he would have never decided what to do. He told Qin Shi that she needed to think about what their marriage meant for her. Yang Hua told her, with tears in his eyes, that he wanted to be someone she could trust, but he didn’t want to be an excuse for her to avoid facing reality. Yang Hua didn’t want Qin Shi to live a lie from the bottom of his heart.

Everything seemed like a dream the next day. Just as quickly as they got married, they split up. Qin Shi scolded herself for being afraid of marriage and married life, for not being able to admit how she felt, and for not being able to tell Yang Hua that she loved him and wanted to be with him. But Qin Shi knew exactly what was going on.

Even though she really liked Yang Hua, their marriage was a lie. If she wanted a real relationship, she had to end the fake marriage before she could start a new one. Both of them were sad about going their separate ways, but it had to happen.

Yang Hua didn’t know for sure that Qin Shi liked him because she couldn’t tell him. Li Dai told him that Qin Shi had fallen in love with him. When she spoke, Yang Hua couldn’t help but smile. He was glad that Qin Shi shared his feelings. But when Yao Yao’s son Sunny came to China, Qin Shi began to feel that their relationship was starting to fall apart. Sunny looked like Yang Hua, and he almost did the same things as him.

Both of them were serious people who didn’t eat meat. Li Dai told Qin Shi that she thought she was suspicious, which made Qin Shi angry. So, when Qin Shi went to talk to Yao Yao about the case, she made sure to say that it didn’t matter to her if Sunny was Yang Hua’s son or not. Yao Yao must know, though, that she would not give up on Yang Hua because she loved him.

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Where did Tao Jun Hui Go?

When Qin Shi went to Hangzhou to be bait in an adultery case, Tao Jun Hui realized that he still couldn’t get over her. He was afraid for her safety, so he followed her to Hangzhou. After the case was over and they went to a small restaurant to feed Qin Shi because she was hungry, Tao Jun Hui put his arm around her. He did it because he wanted to make his heart feel better. He didn’t feel better until he felt her in his arm.

When Tao Jun Hui heard that Qin Shi had been demoted because of her fake marriage, he felt bad for her. He knew how much Qin Shi cared about her career, so he told her not to admit the lie because Tang Yi Hui couldn’t prove it. He told him that he’d help.

She and Her Perfect Husband Ending Explained

But Qin Shi turned down his offer. When Qin Shi quit Cheng & Hui because she didn’t want to be Yin Zhi Qiang’s lawyer, Tao Jun Hui did the same thing again. Jin Cheng agreed to take Tao Jun Hui back after she told him what was going on. Yet, Qin Shi refused it again.

I don’t know how Tao Jun Hui could help Qin Shi right now. Probably he would use his career in Cheng & Hui as a bargaining tool.

Twice, Tao Jun Hui asked Qin Shi to marry him. The first time was after a night out with Yin Zhi Qiang when he was drunk. He forced her to hear what he had to say. He told her that when she was done with Yang Hua, she could marry him. When Qin Shi told Tao Jun Hui about the Qin family’s divorce law, Tao Jun Hui said he could convince her father, family, and even Yang Hua. But Qin Shi turned it down. Tao Jun Hui asked if Qin Shi and Yang Hua fell in love. Qin Shi was unable to answer.

The second time was when Tao Jun Hui went to her new office to see her. When Qin Shi’s allergy flared up, she got a terrible rash, and Tao Jun Hui helped her take the medicine. He was looking for a bottle of water in the car when he saw the divorce certificate. Tao Jun Hui asked her to marry him right away. Even the next day, he wanted to marry her. Once more, Qin Shi turned him down.

She said that Tao Jun Hui would definitely be a good husband and father. But she wasn’t ready to get married. Qin Shi thought that Tao Jun Hui should try to make peace with Wu Fei instead of asking her to marry him.

When Qin Shi went to Cheng & Hui’s office to meet Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng, Tao Jun Hui saw her again. Back then, he carried a box with all of his things in it. Qin Shi thought he was quitting his job, so she offered him a job at her law firm. Tao Jun Hui had to say no because he did not quit.

He was made the branch office manager for Cheng & Hui, which meant he had to move to a different city. Tao Jun Hui told Qin Shi that she would find happiness when he got into the elevator. Qin Shi truly wished the same thing for him. After that, he went to the parking lot and met Wu Fei. When he saw her, he looked shocked and happy at the same time. I guess they’re going to start a new part in a different city.

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