Revenge Of Others Ending Explained

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Revenge of Others Ending Explanation: Is It Happy or Sad for Fans?


The final episode of the Disney Plus K-drama Revenge Of Others aired on December 13, and fans are wondering whether the K-drama has a joyful or sad conclusion.

K-drama finales were notoriously depressing in 2022. Heartbreaks in the conclusion were given on a tepid platter to viewers who had rooted for the lead couple’s happily ever after throughout the entire series, from Netflix’s Twenty Five Twenty-One to Disney Plus thriller Big Mouth.

In the movie Revenge Of Others, Chanmi (Shin Ye Eun) and Soohyeon (Lomon) were a great couple that could brag about who had the worse luck, and the answer would be both of them! Does the conclusion, however, do our main pair justice?

Jaebum Used to Black Out and Awaken in Strange Places

Another thing viewers learn in the last episode that helps them comprehend Jaebum’s existence is the fact that he suffers from a split personality condition as a result of losing his sibling when he was a small child.

Jaebum used to have nighttime blackouts and wake up in odd places. He used to believe that Seok Jaejun, the spirit of his deceased brother, was guiding him, and it turns out that this is why these things occurred.

On the terrible day that Yoontak High has already depicted, Jaebum kills Wonseok after being tricked into believing that he was pushed off the roof by the real bad person, Osung.

Jaebum killed Wonseok

I handle things myself, is how Chanmi describes herself. As a result, after becoming certain that Jaebum killed Wonseok, she seeks him out while he was evading the police.

Revenge Of Others Ending Explained

They engage in a brutal brawl. The “third generation chaebol” turns himself into the police after she was able to persuade Jaebum that the wicked part of him is merely his deceased brother’s shadow.

When Gisung discovers a tracker Kook Jihyun had placed in his suitcase at Soohyeon’s suggestion, he loses all control of his temper.

Despite previously declaring his love for Jihyun, Gisung doesn’t hesitate to threaten her with a knife while inviting Soohyeon to the rooftop.

Almost everyone in the school witnesses Gisung falls off the roof during the intense argument between Gisung and Soohyeon. However, as soon as everyone learns that Soohyeon is the hero who has been taking revenge on bullies and beating them up, nobody approaches the police to help Soohyeon get out of trouble.

Revenge of Others Ending

O-sung stumbles and falls off the roof during the struggle near the edge of the roof in the episode 12 finale, startling the students who were standing below. A letter from Min Seon-ha reveals that Soo-Heon is the hero who helped her carry out her vengeance. When they turn to gaze up, they notice Soo-Heon who is equally surprised, leading them to suspect him of being the attacker.

As more and more of O-evil sung’s deeds came to light, rumors of Soo-presence Heon on the roof the day he was detained quickly spread. Since Soo-Heon was also on the roof and might be the main suspect, the students decided to keep this information a secret. Ji-Hyun follows suit and adds that O-sung jumped off the roof on his own. So-Jung is aware of what has transpired, but he chooses to ignore it.

When they graduate, the scene switches to show everyone taking graduation photos, with the exception of Soo-Heon, who opted to skip school to spend more time by herself. After the school bids him a heartfelt goodbye, he leaves with Chan-mi, who enlisted in the Marines.

Review of Revenge of Others

The actual perpetrator was a completely unexpected character until the very end of the Programme, which has already concluded. The dual personality of Jae-Beom, who went from narrating a charming story about his twin to transforming into a violent ghost, was, in my opinion, the most shocking aspect.

Revenge Of Others Ending Explained

The manner in which the Soo-story Heon’s evolved around his illness and the vulnerability of his existence was disclosed led to an unexpected conclusion. However, he also illustrates in his conclusion that he is conscious of his weaknesses and has chosen and prioritized what is most essential to him.

Chan-conclusion mi’s was not as unexpected as it may have been due to the fact that joining the marines was something she had always desired to achieve. On the other side, O-story sung’s brilliantly portrayed how Karma will hit despite your attempts to avoid it.

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However, Jae-illness, Beom’s which looked to be so readily resolved by Chan-mi, does not mesh well with how the mystery had been established up until this point, which also contributes to this ending’s tendency to be somewhat unsatisfying. The conclusion of O-story, sung, however, makes us happier than the answer to the conundrum.

Even though high school students, bullying, murder, and mystery remained the central themes of the story right up until the climax, I’m not satisfied with how the story turned out. Each character received a happy ending, and the story is now over; there is no hope for a sequel to this spectacular show. However, even if there were one, who knows?

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