Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 Release Date

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Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 Release Date, Streaming Platforms, Plot and Trailer!


Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 Release Date: The new historical K-drama, Our Blooming Youth, looks like it will be a lot of fun to watch.

The drama is about a cursed and lonely crown prince named Lee Hwan (Park Hyung-Sik) who makes a deal with the accused murderer Min Jae-Yi, the daughter of a powerful family. They fall in love quickly, but can a cursed prince and a man suspected of killing someone find happiness together?

An Overview of Our Blooming Youth Episode 6

Information Details
Title of the drama Our Blooming Youth
Genre of the drama Historical K-drama
Plot of the drama A cursed crown prince falls in love with a woman accused of murder, and they face challenges
Episode length Approximately 1 hour
Number of episodes 20
Writer of the drama Jung Hyun Jung
Director of the drama Lee Jong Jae
Release date of episode 6 February 21, 2023
Airing schedule Every Monday and Tuesday on TVING and tvN (South Korea)
Streaming platforms to watch the drama TVING, tvN (South Korea), Viki (worldwide)
Availability of subtitles on streaming Viki offers high-quality subtitles
Trailer for the drama Yes, Available
Also Known as The Tale of Youth, Youth Monthly Talk

Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 Release Date

Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 will air on TVING and tvN on Tuesday, February 21 at about 8:50 pm (KST). Episodes should come out around 4 p.m. (GMT), but as was said above, those that aren’t fully subbed may take longer. Episode 6 is set to be about an hour long, which is about the same length as the rest of the episodes.

Where Can I Watch Our Blooming Youth Episode 6?

Koreans will be able to watch Our Blooming Youth episode 6 on both TVING and tvN. For people around the world who want to watch it, it will be on Viki. Don’t be surprised if Viki takes a while to upload the episodes after they’ve already aired in Korea. However, the subtitles are some of the best on the web, and they’re among the best of all the streaming sites.

What is the Plot of Our Blooming Youth Series?

Min Jae Yi is the kind and responsible daughter of the Second State Councilor. She is going to marry his son. But bad things happen when her family is killed and she is blamed for it. When she meets Lee Hwan, a lonely crown prince, he offers to help her clear her name if she will help him break a curse that has been put on him.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 Release Date

This changes the course of her life. As they work together, their unplanned path brings them closer to love, but problems from the past and the present could keep them apart.

Here is the detailed plot of Our Blooming Youth Series

Let’s see the performing cast of Our Blooming Youth all Episodes 

About Our Blooming Youth series

“Our Blooming Youth” is a South Korean drama, also known as “Sleep Memo”, “Sleeping Rock”, “The Golden Hairpin”, “Youth, Talk to the Moon”, “Jamjunglog”, “Youth Climbing Over the Wall”, “Cheongchuniyeo Woldamhara”, “Cheongchunwoldam”, “잠중록”, “청춘이여 월담하라“, “Youth, Climb the Barrier”, “The Tale of Youth”, and “Youth Monthly Talk”.

Jung Hyun Jung wrote the show, and Lee Jong Jae is in charge of running it. There are 20 episodes of the drama, and each one is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. From February 6, 2023, until April 11, 2023, “Our Blooming Youth” was shown on TVING and tvN in South Korea. Every Monday and Tuesday, the show airs.

Is There Any Trailer For Our Blooming Youth?

Yes, there is one. It looks like there will be a lot of action and plots, so get ready for an exciting show. Check out the trailer here:

Final Words

Our Blooming Youth is a historical K-drama about a cursed prince and a man suspected of killing someone, set to air on TVING and tvN on February 21. Our Blooming Youth is a South Korean drama about a young woman and a lonely crown prince who work together to clear her name and break a curse.

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