Our Blooming Youth Episode 1 Highlights and Recap

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Our Blooming Youth Episode 1 Highlights and Recap: Murder of Han Sung-on’s Fiancée and its Consequences!


Our Blooming Youth Episode 1 begins with a man hunting with a bow and arrow in the forest. He loses his bow after he is accidentally struck by another individual and drops it. Fortunately, this is only a dream, and the man awakes frightened by what he has witnessed.

A servant inquires as to whether he is awake. The individual is shown to be a Crown Prince. The servants enter his room and begin dressing him after receiving his consent.

We learned through royal gossip that the Crown Prince cannot use his right hand. He was wounded with a poisoned arrow a year ago. It was a horrible nightmare, not a dream. Obviously, the rumors misrepresent the actual event. Some say that a ghost cursed him with a rotting hand. According to rumors, the Crown Prince murdered his brother so that he might ascend to the throne.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 1 Highlights

  • The first episode of Our Blooming Youth opens with a dream of the Crown Prince hunting in the forest.
  • The Crown Prince is rumored to have slain his brother and been cursed with a decaying hand.
  • The court officials propose that the Crown Prince lead the royal hunt to demonstrate his health to the monarch.
  • The Crown Prince meets Han Sung-on, who is subsequently informed of the murder of his fiancée.
  • The murder suspect, Min Jae-Yi (Jeon So-nee), is trapped by government officers and falls to his death from a cliff.
  • The Crown Prince receives a mysterious letter in which he is accused of murder and cursed to never rule and live a wretched life.
  • The following morning, a servant from the Crown Prince’s Calvary dispatch is discovered dead.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 1 Recap

Request for Crown Prince to Lead Royal Hunt and Consequent Events

Our Blooming Youth Episode 1 Highlights and Recap

In this scenario, a group of persons with competing objectives is attempting to manipulate the circumstances to their advantage. Jo Won-bo desires to remove Lee Hwan from his position as heir to the kingdom due to his infirmity and replace him with his own nephew. The court officials endorse Jo’s proposal and request that the Crown Prince lead the royal hunt to demonstrate his health.

After consulting with the Chief State Minister, Kim An-Jik, the king grants the request. The Crown Prince is aware of the issue and is conscious that he must demonstrate his health to maintain his position. A woman who is apparently a Left State Minister is preparing for a party and is anxious about the coming of a guest.

Murder of Han Sung-on’s Fiancée and its Consequences

Crown Prince Lee Hwan and Left State Minister’s son Han Sung-on are discussing Han’s future wedding. The Crown Prince taunts Han about a girl they met when they were children, and Han tells Lee Hwan that his fiancée poses no cause for fear. A servant interrupts their talk to inform Han that his fiancée Min Jae-Yi has been murdered and is the prime suspect in the investigation.

Despite the proof, the government officials are unable to locate her, so Lee Hwan dispatches a guy to assess the situation. The news has upset Han’s parents, and his father tells him to be cautious and set aside his emotions. The servants believe that Min Jae-Yi murdered her family to prevent her from marrying Han.

The Pursuit and Death of Min Jae-Yi and the Mysterious Letter to Crown Prince

Our Blooming Youth Episode 1 Highlights and Recap

Unknown government officials are pursuing Min Jae-Yi for an unknown reason. She attempts to protect herself but is ultimately defeated and falls off a cliff into a lake. A mysterious message accusing the Crown Prince of murder and cursing him for never ruling is sent to him. He tells his servant to investigate and discovers that a courier he dispatched has been discovered dead. Han Sung-on, who thinks Min Jae-Yi to be innocent, searches for her and her alleged boyfriend. Min Jae-Yi, who survived the fall and is hiding in a cave, is being sought by officials in the capital.

Min Jae-Yi’s Search for the Truth and the Royal Hunt

After two weeks of recuperation, Min Jae-Yi feels that the Crown Prince murdered her family. She intends to confront him and recalls that her father asked her to read a letter from the Crown Prince that he had kept secret. Min Jae-Yi infiltrates the capital and sees her former servant Ga-ram before embarking on her own journey. In the city, she encounters Kim Myung-Jin destroying her portraits. Min Jae-Yi disguises herself as a member of the Ohhoe Troop Byeol in order to join the hunt while the Crown Prince prepares for a royal hunt.

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The Royal Hunt: A Confrontation with Destiny

Jo Won-bo is pleased that his approach is proceeding according to plan during the royal hunt. Han Joong-Joon, the Left State Minister, is concerned that Lee Hwan would be removed by the monarch if he fails to demonstrate that he can use his right hand. The Crown Prince presents a bold front, but he is anxious. Min Jae-Yi follows him covertly after they split up to go hunting, leaving the Crown Prince alone.

The episode concludes with the Crown Prince recalling the letter’s contents and his right hand shaking. Hearing a sound behind him, he turns and draws his arrow. He observes Han Sung-on with his bow drawn from behind him. He recalls once more the letter’s prediction that his friend will betray him.

Final Words

The first episode of Our Blooming Youth opens with a dream of the Crown Prince hunting in the forest, and the court officials propose that he lead a royal hunt to demonstrate his health. Crown Prince Lee Hwan and Han Sung-on discuss Han’s future wedding, but Han’s fiancée Min Jae-Yi has been murdered and is the prime suspect. Min Jae-Yi’s search for the truth and the Royal Hunt leads to a confrontation with Destiny.

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