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Once Upon a Small Town K Drama Highlights and Ending of the Story


The newest show on Kakao TV is called “Once Upon a Small Town.” It takes place in the busy village of Huidong. The small neighborhood is a four-hour drive from Seoul and has both a lot of people and a lot of peace. With nosy people and noisy animals all around them, it’s the next short drama we’re excited to add to our list.

The Starting of Once Upon a Small Town

It starts with Choo Young Woo’s character, a veterinarian named Han Ji Yul, being forced to move to a village by his grandfather. His grandfather, a successful doctor in Seoul, leaves his long-running animal hospital in the care of his grandson, who is a successful doctor in Seoul. Even though he doesn’t want to be, the city boy is afraid of his neighbors, who are getting more and more nosy and often show up at his house without warning. He meets a friendly police officer named Ahn Ja Young, who is played by Park Soo Young, also known as Red Velvet member Joy. Ahn Ja Young is liked by everyone and seems to be interested in him for no obvious reason. The whole village takes care of her, and she does the same for them. When her best friend Lee Sang Hyeon, played by Baek Seong Cheol, only likes her from one side, the story gets a third side. He is a young farmer whose peach business is going well.

About the Story

Once Upon a Small Town K Drama Highlights

Han Ji Yul acts defensively as he tries to figure out how to stay alive in a place he doesn’t know well and that doesn’t meet the standards of his home city. He fights with everyone around him, and it takes him a while to calm down. During those times, Ahn Ja Young is his confidant. Both of them have memories from their childhoods that have to do with his trauma, but he has since erased those memories, which makes things even more confusing. Lee Sang Hyeon is Ahn Ja Young’s overprotective friend. Even though Ahn Ja Young doesn’t like him, he still looks out for her.

Characters Participated in Once Upon a Small Town

Ahn Ja Young, the character that Joy plays, is a lot like her name. She is a police officer who smiles easily, works hard, and helps people. She doesn’t have parents, but her neighbors have become her family. She does odd jobs that aren’t part of her job description.
Choo Young Woo, who plays the slightly strict Seoul boy Han Ji Yul, is the game’s fun card. His expressive faces make his scenes even crazier and funnier. He slowly figures out how to live in a strange place and finds love.
As Lee Sang Hyeon, Baek Seong Cheol shows that he cares more about his relationship with his friend than the title of “best friend” says. Even though his friends try to get him into a relationship, he is happy to be alone.

The Highlights of the Story

Once Upon a Small Town K Drama Highlights

The story takes place in a beautiful village where animals are always in need of help. The story has a homey feel because the villagers are loud and look out for each other. The twist comes from Han Ji Yul’s ex-girlfriend, who is still in love with him. This is enough to push the main characters over the edge. The fact that the main cast always looks like it came straight out of a magazine shoot is just a bonus.

The Ending of the Story

The love story takes a happy turn when the two people let go of their prejudices, worries, and upbringings and accept how they feel about each other. Their shared experiences make them much closer. But the way to acceptance is very interesting and calming. It’s a simple story about how two different people fall in love with each other.

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Is It Worth It to Watch Once Upon a Small Town?

“Once Upon a Small Town,” a Korean Web drama, is a romantic comedy set in a small town. Even though the drama is predictable, it’s still fun to watch. It has all the feel-good vibes you want from a short romantic comedy-drama. It has just the right amount of drama and, even better, just the right amount of romance.

Does Once Upon a Small Town Have a Happy Ending?

So, Ji-Yul moved back to Huidong on his own. He is happy to live in the village with the “nosey” people and with the person he loves. Then, the couple exchanges ring, which shows that they are still happy together as the episode and series come to an end.

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