Oasis Episode 5 Release Date

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Oasis Episode 5 Release Date and Streaming Platforms: What Happened in the Previous Episodes of the Series?


Oasis Episode 5 Release Date: Oasis is a melodrama about three friends coming of age during South Korea’s political turmoil in the 1980s. Du-Hak and Cheol-Woong are rivals but have been best friends since they were young. They both fall in love with Oh Jung-shin, a new student who befriends them. But something happens that makes Du-Hak go to prison and turn into a thug to stay alive.

Oasis Episode 5 Release Date

Oasis Episode 5 will come out on Monday, March 20, at about 12:50 p.m. (GMT) or 7:50 a.m. (ET). The episode will be available on Viki with English subtitles a day after it comes out. Episode 5 will be about 1 hour and 10 minutes long, which is about the same length as the other episodes of KBS dramas.

Where Can I Watch Oasis Episode 5?

Oasis will air at 9:50 p.m. on the KBS2 channel (KST). It will also be on the Korean app Wavve and, in some places, on the video site Viki. But right now, you can’t watch it on any other online platform.

What is the Plot of Oasis K-drama?

During the 1980s, South Korea’s government was changing, which caused a lot of trouble and social unrest. Two friends, Lee Doo Hak, and Choi Cheol Woong were going through high school and being teenagers in a small town in the province of Jeolla. But their lives changed forever when a girl from Seoul named Oh Jung Shin transferred to their school.

Oasis Episode 5 Release Date

The three of them became close friends quickly, but as time went on, the two boys fell in love with Oh Jung Shin, which made them compete for her attention. But things that they couldn’t control started to shake up their young lives. Unexpectedly bad things happened to Lee Doo Hak’s family, which turned him violent and made him want to get even.

As the political situation around them got worse, could love be the answer to save these three young friends?

A Quick Recap of Previous Episodes

When he gets home, he is upset to find that Mrs. Lee and Du-Hak are worried about him because they heard he had been hurt. Cheol-mother Woong tells them off for coming home so late, which Mrs. Lee doesn’t like.

The next day, Du-Hak tells Cheol that Jung-Shin wants to talk to him. Mrs. Choi meets Hwang and tells him that she doesn’t like what her husband chose. When she doesn’t take his bribe, they put their hands together and get angry. Hwang goes back to his office, where a picture of Mrs. Choi is on the wall.

Captain Oh tells him that the district loves Mr. Choi and thinks he will win when he asks about him. Even though Captain Oh doesn’t know anything bad about Young, he tells Woong to beat him up. While Cheol waits for Jung-Shin, Du beats Young. He takes him to Cheol-Woong to get an apology, but Young-Tak just makes fun of him.

Oasis Episode 5 Release Date

Cheol-Woong bites the hook and fights Young-Tak, who is not kind to him. After Cheol has bled enough, he beats him for no reason and then leaves. Cheol chases him and hits him in the head with something while he is so angry that he can’t see. He falls into a coma as the boys try to get him to the hospital quickly. Hwang seems to be thoughtful and knows what’s going on. Du tells Cheol that they need to call the police, even if it was self-defense.

Cheol tries to fool him by saying that Du brought Young-Tak. He asks Du to lie and say that he hit Young-Tak when he didn’t. In exchange, he will take care of Du for the rest of his life. Du is enraged and departs. Mrs. Choi tries to take things into her own hands when she tells Lee to get his son to take responsibility.

She says that Du can be saved if her husband wins the election, but if he loses because of Cheol’s scandal, they will all die. When Lee comes to Du crying, the police take him into custody the next day. Mrs. Lee and Jung-Shin chase after the police car while Cheol-Woong has different looks on his face and Lee, who is far away, cries and asks Du for forgiveness.

In the meantime, Hwang is furious that Du-Hak was held responsible for the murder. He tells Captain Oh to put off the trial until they can prove that Cheol did it. During a promotion, Captain Oh pays some people to yell, “The father of a murderer!” and throw rocks at Mr. Choi.

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Choi finds out that he doesn’t know what happened and tries to find out the truth from Mrs. Choi. Lee walks up to the scene and says that Du killed Young and that Cheol started the fight. After saying sorry to the people at his party, Mr. Choi steps down. Mrs. Choi tried to stop him when she told him that she kept putting up all of their things as collateral. He pushes her away when she gets angry, even though she laughs and says she put everything into his political career.

Final Words

Oasis is a melodrama about three friends coming of age during South Korea’s political turmoil in the 1980s. Du-Hak beats Young-Tak for no reason, and Cheol chases him and hits him in the head, causing him to fall into a coma. Hwang is thoughtful and calls the police. Mrs. Choi tries to take things into her own hands when she tells Lee to get his son to take responsibility, but he pushes her away when she gets angry.

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