Marry My Husband Season 2 Release Date

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Will There Be Marry My Husband Season 2? Latest Updates!

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Love, laughter, and the trials of romance—these elements made “Marry My Husband” a heartwarming success, capturing the hearts of viewers with its endearing storyline and relatable characters.

Marry My Husband is a South Korean fantasy drama series that airs on TVN. The plot revolves around Kang Ji-won, a cancer sufferer who learns of her husband’s romance with her best friend before being murdered.

Much to her amazement, Ji-won is sent back a decade in time and allowed to change some aspects of her life. The series debuted on January 1, 2024. If you’re wondering if there will be a second season, here’s what we uncovered.

In this article, we’ll explore what we know so far about the return of this beloved show and what viewers can expect from the upcoming season.

Marry My Husband Season 2 Release Date

There is no official release date for Marry My Husband Season 2, although the possibility cannot be ruled out.

Marry My Husband Season 2 Release Date
As of February 2024, Marry My Husband has not been renewed for a second season. This is to be expected given that the first season has only recently premiered, and TVN will most likely examine how the audience reacts before making a decision.

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Furthermore, South Korean shows frequently conclude their narratives in a single season and are not multi-seasonal, but this has begun to change in recent years due to the great international popularity of programming from that region of the world.

Marry My Husband Season 2 Expected Cast

There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the cast of “Marry My Husband” Season 2. However, many of the main cast members from Season 1 will likely return for the second season, including the lead actors who portrayed the central couple. Additionally, there may be new characters introduced to further develop the storyline and add depth to the narrative.

While specific details about the cast remain unknown, fans can anticipate seeing familiar faces reprising their roles and potentially some fresh additions to the ensemble.

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The cast in season 1 features Park Min-young as Kang Ji-won, Na In-woo as Yoo Ji-hyuk, Lee Yi-kyung as Park Min-hwan, Song Ha-yoon as Jung Soo-min, Lee Gi-kwang as Baek Eun-ho, and more.

What will happen in Marry My Husband Season 2?

A second season of Marry My Husband is currently unconfirmed, but it will be determined by how the first season finishes. We also have to consider the fact that Na In Woo, the actor who plays Yoo Jihyuk, will be on leave due to mandatory military service. Even if Marry My Husband is renewed for another season, the second season will take some time to air.

Marry My Husband Season 2 Release Date

There are still many loose ends to be resolved in the first season. Yura is still trying to damage Jihyuk and Jiwon’s relationship and friendships. Minhwan and Sumin are turning on each other. Juran is still sick, and Sukjoon has yet to reveal his feelings to her. Huiyeon’s affection for Eunho appears to be very one-sided right now.

We’re all praying for the demise of Yura, Minhwan, Sumin, and their accomplices for being humorously horrible. But, in truth, we’re all just waiting to see if Marry My Husband will have a conclusive and joyful ending.


As we eagerly await the return of Marry My Husband for its second season, the anticipation and excitement continue to grow. The success of the first season laid a strong foundation for the series, and fans can expect the upcoming episodes to delve deeper into the love story that captured their hearts. While the exact release date remains a mystery, the prospect of reuniting with beloved characters and witnessing the next chapter of their romantic journey is undoubtedly worth the wait.

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