Some Interesting Talks About Missing: the Other Side Season 3

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Lets See Some Interesting Talks About Missing: The Other Side Season 3: Ending of Missing: the Other Side 2!


“Missing: The Other Side 2” has come to an end. Here is a recap and explanation of how it ended.

Jong Yoon Confesses to Killing Ship-mate Ms. Kang for Money

We learn that Ms. Kang was killed by her shipmate Jong Yoon, who went to the police and said he did it for the insurance money. He had started gambling and thought that killing her would make him feel better.

He said that his wife started seeing her and having visions of her, so he came to confess and was given the death penalty. She finds out that she died. She cries and cries.

Did Il Yong Wake Up From the Coma?

Yes, he did wake up, but Mr. Noh found him and forced him to say where the drugs were, so they took him there and almost killed him. When the police show up and our team takes them out, he barely gets away. He slowly starts to remember things and moves in with them for a while before going to the police.

Did Il Yong Go to Jail?

Yes, he did turn himself in, along with the ring that had proof of Mr. Noh’s crimes. Since he worked for organized crime, he could not get a suspended sentence. He is serving jail time.

Son Confesses to Father’s Murder and Hides Body in Library

It was, yes. He ends up revealing his son killed him. The police go to his house looking for a certain notebook with his father’s blood on it. They find it on a library shelf, and when they take the shelf apart, they find his father’s body in a refrigerator. He is put in jail, and Jung Young-Jin is let go.

Why Can Kim Wook and Pan Seok See Missing Dead People?

It seems likely that the reason is the cries of the people who are missing. Pan Seok dreams that he sees and talks to his daughter. He is still happy to help the team find people who have gone missing.

Some Interesting Talks About Missing: the Other Side Season 3

Kim Wook also thinks about the amusement park and that merry-go-round in his dreams. He asks il Yong about it when he goes to visit him in jail, but il Yong doesn’t answer.

The screenwriter says that it’s a mix of their own desire and the cries of the missing people to be found. He also hints that Jong A can now see them.

Ending of Missing: The Other Side 2

Jong A is passing out flyers about people who are missing when she comes across the backpack of a kid named Kim Sung Yeon. She picks up his stuff and wonders who left it there.

At what seems to be the third village location, Pan Seok goes after the ghost of a dead person.

Kim Wook is driving his car through a tunnel in bad weather when a light flashes and a man, played by Im Siwan, stands in front of the same merry-go-round and greets him.

Is Missing: The Other Side Season 3 Coming?

With the way “Missing: The Other Side 2” ended, it seems likely that the creators are getting ready for a third season. tvN hasn’t said anything yet to confirm or deny this, though. The performing cast of the series gives a hint about Missing: The Other Side season 3.

Based on how “Missing: The Other Side 2” ended and what was revealed, it’s safe to say that our team will go on to find the 3rd village of missing people, which has something to do with the character of Im Siwan. He might be the leader of a different village.

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Final Words

Jong Yoon confesses to killing Ms. Kang for insurance money, and Il Yong wakes up from coma and goes to the police. The creators are getting ready for a third season of Missing: The Other Side, which is likely to focus on finding the 3rd village of missing people, which may be led by Im Siwan.

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