Is Any Release Date Set for D P Season 2?

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Is Any Release Date Set for D P Season 2? Expected Cast Member and Streaming Platform!


Is Any Release Date Set for D P Season 2? In August 2021, Netflix found a heartfelt gem when it released D.P., a sincere K-drama series that shows how hard it is for young South Korean men to do their two years of military service.

Adapted from Kim Bo-tong’s popular webcomic D.P. Dog’s Day, the show centers on the D.P – which stands for Deserter Pursuit faction of the military, where soldier An Jun-ho (played by Snowdrop star Jung Hae-in) is transferred. Jun-ho is taught and cared for by Sergeant Park Beom-gu (Kim Sung-Kyun) and Corporal Han Ho-Yeol. Their job is to catch deserters (Koo Kyo-hwan).

The end of the first season was suspenseful and left more questions about the main characters’ futures. There was also an exciting scene after the credits, and Netflix has done D.P. fans a huge favor by renewing the show for a second season. Here is what we know so far about D.P. season 2.

Has D P Season 2 Been Renewed?

Jung Hae-in, who plays the main character, first said that D.P. season 2 would be made in an interview with News1 in September 2021, not long after season 1 was released on Netflix around the world. Then, Jung told the outlet that the team behind the show had already “put the wheels in motion” on a second season. “I’ve heard that the director and writer are already working on the script,” he said at the time. He also said that in the upcoming sequel, he wanted to “show how my character has grown.”

Then, in December 2021, Netflix made season 2 official. With the news came a quick look at the beginning of season 2, where Corporal Han tells Jun-ho to follow him.

What Will Be the Release Date for D P Season 2?

Is Any Release Date Set for D P Season 2?

Netflix hasn’t said when exactly season 2 of D.P. will be out. But on January 17, the platform said that the show would not start until the third quarter of 2023. Below is the first picture of Jung Hae-in from D.P. season 2.

How to Watch D P Season 2?

Like the first season of D.P., which premiered around the world on Netflix, the second season will only be available on Netflix.

Who Are the Cast Members of D P Season 2?

Here is a list of everyone who is expected to be in D.P. Season 2:

  • Ahn Joon Ho as Jung Hae In
  • Han Ho Yul as Koo Kyo Hwan
  • Park Bum Goo as Kim Sung Kyun
  • Im Ji Sup as Son Seok Koo
  • Hwang Jang Soo as Shin Seung Ho
  • Ryu Yi Kang as Hong Kyung
  • Jung Hyun Min as Lee Jun Young

What Can We Expect From D P Season 2?

The first season ended on a very tense note, with Suk Bong taking Hwang Jang-Soo hostage and planning to kill him. However, Jun-ho stopped Suk Bong from beating the deserter, which was a good thing. In no time at all, Suk-Bong is surrounded by militia, so he has no choice but to shoot himself. But he points it at his head, and the gun goes off in his neck, causing him to bleed out and call out for his mother.

Is Any Release Date Set for D P Season 2?

In season one, Jun-Oh also didn’t have the option of running away to his mother, where he usually went when he was sad. But now that the military knows where his mother lives, the most important question is: Where will Jun-Oh go?

The bullying and harassment that went on in the South Korean military became clear after Suk Bong’s death. If Detective Han’s promise to do a full investigation of the military police unit comes true, the dark side of militia, which mostly consisted of bullying and harassment, will be revealed.

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Final Words

Netflix has renewed D.P. for a second season, with Jung Hae-in playing the main character, and the release date is set for the third quarter of 2023. Detective Han’s promise to investigate the military police unit will reveal the dark side of militia, which mostly consisted of bullying and harassment.

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