Is Duty After School Release Date Confirmed?

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Is Duty After School Release Date Confirmed? Spoiler, Storyline and Cast of the Series!


South Korea is now well known for its movies, series, and drama throughout the world in addition to its K-pop music and singers. It has gained a lot of popularity which can be easily witnessed with the phenomenal series ‘Squid Game’, ‘ The Glory’, ‘Little Women’ and many others. With its enhanced innovations and ideas, K-dramas always try to provide a new story that captures the hearts and minds of audiences.

And if you are here then it is well proved that you are one among those who wanna grab details for the upcoming drama “DUTY AFTER SCHOOL”.Don’t worry I will provide you with a complete array of details related to the series. So no further delay let’s go through this article.

An Overview of Duty After School

Information Details
Title Duty After School
Genre Sci-fi, Action
Release Date March 31st, 2023
Streaming Platform TVING
Main Cast Shin Hyun soo, Im Se Mi, Kim ki Hae
Supporting Cast Lee Soon Won, Choi Moon Hee, Kim Su Gyeom, and 22 others
Trailer Yes, released
Spoiler None released
Ratings Not rated yet
Season 2 Not confirmed, depends on the success of Season 1

What is the Release Date of Duty After School?

Is Duty After School Release Date Confirmed?

I know you all are curious and eagerly waiting for the release of this sci-fi fiction-based drama. Although the drama has not been released yet my friends, your wait is going to end soon. Premiering of this fascinating and enthralling series will take place on March 31st, 2023. You can now begin the countdown to relish the thrill of duty after school. Heading on to further queries.

Do You Want to Know the Storyline of the Series Duty After School?

The answer to this question can never be no from anyone because it is the favorite part of the reader including me. The story starts with the students of Sundong High School (class 3-2) 3rd-grade 2nd class preparing for their most important paper SAT, a university entrance exam, some having romantic feelings for their classmates, resting busy with their personal issues like teasing the weaker ones, and much more.

But their easy-going life takes a turn when purple obs begin falling from the ground and they are attacked by aliens. The lack of army personnel because of continuous attacks by aliens led to the enlisting of students above 2nd grade in the military. Now the students are forced to use firearms every day after school hours to tackle the terrific alien attack. Reluctantly students have to join military training because the government offered them extra points in the exam for those who perform well in it.

Platoon leader Lee Choon Ho and Sergeant Kim Won Bin will be leading them in this deadly mission where the life of everyone is at stake. Let’s wait for the release of the series to unravel the mystery behind the aliens falling from the sky. What will the 3rd-grade students do in this situation? And many more questions arise in our minds.

Where to Watch Duty After School?

You must be wanting to lay your hands on the runtime of this action-packed sci-fi drama. The makers are going to stream the series on TVING every FRIDAY. Although the air time of the series has not been announced yet, so try to adjust your schedule accordingly if you are interested in it.

Is the Trailer of Duty After School Released?

You all can get a preview of fear and thrill through trailers that will be experienced while watching the series. In the trailer, you can see military personnel entering the school grounds with their weapons and students getting curious to know the reason for their arrival. Furthermore, it is seen that a teacher informs 3rd-grade students of their military training by Platoon leader and ends with pupils fighting those strange extraterrestrial species. Thus, you can easily anticipate the suspense, action, and thrill in the drama by the debut of the trailer.

Who Will Star in the Series?

Is Duty After School Release Date Confirmed?

Some of you always find it joyful to watch the movies of your favorite actors and actresses. In this series, Shin Hyun soo, Im Se Mi, and Kim ki Hae are in the main roles while Lee Soon Won, Choi Moon Hee, and Kim Su Gyeom with 22 others can be seen performing in the supporting cast. Are you excited to know some more interesting facts about the series? If yes, then keep reading the article.

Is There Any Spoiler of Duty After School?

Prediction of the series duty after school is quite easy and difficult at the same time. You all can get an idea about the storyline through the trailer but the real mystery is yet to be solved. Unfortunately, no spoiler has been released to maintain the excitement of viewers and to keep them on tenterhooks.

What Are the Ratings of Duty After School So Far?

The popularity of webtoons and streaming platforms TVING is very helpful in expecting the ratings of the series. Like other famous sci-fi dramas, the size of the audience of duty after school can be easily anticipated but it has not been rated yet by any platform. Keep yourself in touch with me to get updates on the ratings.

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Season 2 of Duty After School

The drama-like duty after school is the one you all must be looking forward to nowadays which is full of emotions of love, fear, humanity, thrill, excitement, and much more. Season 1 is going to release this month’s end on March 31st, 2023. The filming and airing of Season 2 all depend upon the popularity and achievements of Season 1.

Final Words

In a nutshell, it can be said that in this enthralling series which is airing on March 31st,2023 you will swing through different emotions, so try to spare some time to have a blissful experience. Try to stay connected with me to know more details about similar dramas.

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