Brain Works Episode 6 Highlights

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Brain Works Episode 6 Highlights and Recaps: The Escape of Dr Shin and the Rescue of Ji Yul!


Brain Works Episode 6 Highlights and Recaps: Brain Works episode 6 starts with the undercover detective Geum’s Salvation and Heal ritual. Dr. Shin worries that Madam Messenger might kill Detective Geum as he watches the video from the car outside. He says that he himself should kill him.

Next is Ji Yul’s ritual, but before madam messenger can start whipping her, someone dressed as the savior in the cult’s picture shows up. Both Mrs. Messenger and her assistant don’t know what to do. The Christians in the room think he is the Messiah.

Brain Works Episode 6 Highlights

  • Brain Works episode 6: Geum’s Salvation and Heal ritual, Ji Yul’s ritual, Dr. Shin as the savior rescuing Ji Yul and her mother, and Ms. Messenger’s arrest.
  • Dr. Shin finds out Ji Yul’s diagnosis, and Ms. Yang tells the truth about her husband’s death, leading to Madam Messenger’s arrest for murder.
  • Lessons learned from the cult case: people’s weaknesses and emotions make them vulnerable to cults, and metacognition skills can help avoid falling for cults.
  • Dr. Shin saves Ms. Yang from the cult, but Hwang makes him doubt his actions.
  • Ms. Yang thanks Dr. Shin for his help, but expresses her fear of being alone and asks him to give her a reason to live.

Brain Works Episode 6 Recap

The Escape of Dr. Shin and the Rescue of Ji Yul

A man dressed as Dr. Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) takes Ji Yul and her mother away, with the help of Captain Seul and Detective Geum. Madam Messenger is taken into custody on a charge of assault. Dr. Shin locks Ms. Yang in his observation room to get her ready for a procedure to remove her brain.

Brain Works Episode 6 Highlights

The assistant of Madam Messenger is in charge of keeping an eye on Dr. Shin, but she has to run away when the detective and captain show up. The detective and Ms. Yang have a heart-to-heart conversation about being a single parent, which impresses Dr. Shin and Captain Seul. Dr. Shin promises to figure out what’s wrong with Ji Yul in exchange for information from her mother.

The Unraveling of Madam Messenger’s Cult

Ji Yul’s aunt helps Dr. Shin do tests on her. They find a tumor in her ovary that is causing inflammation in her brain and a low number of white blood cells. At first, Ji Yul’s mother doesn’t believe them, but when Ji Yul wakes up from surgery, she is sure.

Madam Messenger and her followers show up at the hospital, making a scene and trying to get Ms. Yang to believe in them. Ms. Yang finally admits that Madam Messenger killed her husband and gives evidence that leads to the discovery of a body in the forest. Even though Madam Messenger is in jail for murder, her followers still trust her.

Trust, Belief, and Self-Love: Lessons Learned from the Cult Case

Captain Seul thinks that people are vulnerable to cults because they are weak and emotional. Dr. Shin, on the other hand, is aware of his own feelings, but he uses his good metacognition skills to avoid doing anything harmful. Chief Kim (Ye Ji Won) tells reporters about Detective Geum’s award and then talks about the case of the cult leader.

Brain Works Episode 6 Highlights

Later, Dr. Shin shows Hwang a video of how he saved Ms. Yang from the cult. But when Hwang says that Ms. Yang might have needed the comfort of the cult, Dr. Shin starts to question what he did. Ms. Yang goes to the police station to thank Dr. Shin and to ask for his help. For a happy life, Dr. Shin tells her to trust herself, love herself, and believe in herself.

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Secrets and Scandals: The Detective, the Doctor, and the Award Ceremony

Detective Geum’s ex-wife comes to dinner with them and worries that he might have feelings for Dr. Shin because of how much he talks about her. While this is going on, Captain Seul seems to like the detective and buys him shoes, which makes him feel scared and uncertain.

Dr. Shin finds a tablet with a video of the detective talking about sexual things with a young girl. At the award ceremony, he shows everyone the video to make the detective look bad. At the end of the episode, there is trouble between them.

Final Words

Dr. Shin rescues Ji Yul and her mother, leading to Madam Messenger’s arrest and lessons learned from the cult case. Trust, Belief, and Self-Love: Lessons Learned from the Cult Case.

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