Brain Works Episode 10 Highlights and Recap

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Brain Works Episode 10 Highlights and Recap: A Family Dark Secrets Unravel in a Shocking Confession!


Brain Works Episode 10 Highlights and Recap: Episode 10 of Brain Works starts with the last scenes of episode 9, where a witness describes the suspect she saw on the street and Ho-young with the murder weapon in his locker. Detective Geum calls Ho-young to tell him that they found new information about the case and need to talk to him. He says he was at the pool when he was actually outside his house.

Brain Works Episode 10 Highlights

  • Episode 10 of Brain Works starts with Detective Geum calling Ho-young, who lies about his whereabouts during the murder investigation.
  • The detective saves a baby instead of pursuing Ho-young, who later tries to kill himself but is saved by Dr. Shin.
  • Ho-young confesses to killing his mother, revealing that she was abusive and his stepmother tried to poison his brother.
  • Joon-young’s memory disorder is revealed and he receives treatment, while the detective avoids meeting a troubled teen named Yi-Na.
  • Ha-ru faces painful memories with Dr. Hwang’s help, and Detective Geum learns to use his own bad memories to his advantage.
  • The text ends with a masked intruder approaching Dr. Shin with a knife.

Brain Works Episode 10 Recap

A Detective’s Painful Memories and a Desperate Search for the Truth

The detective tries to catch a suspect named Ho-young, but he runs away and runs into a woman pushing a baby stroller. Instead of going after Ho-young, the detective saves the baby. This lets Ho-young getaway. Later, the detective and Dr. Shin(Jung Yong-Hwa) follow a clue about a credit card purchase and find Ho-young trying to kill himself on the roof of a motel. Dr. Shin jumps off the roof with him onto an airbed to save his life, but Ho-young needs to go to the hospital.

A Family’s Dark Secrets Unravel in a Shocking Confession

After being questioned, Joon-young goes to see his brother Ho-young. He is shocked to find out that his brother has been arrested for killing their mother. Ho-young says that he didn’t want to hurt their mother, but rather himself because she was abusive and a monster. He says that their mother hit Joon-young so hard that he hit a nail in the wall.

This caused him to have headaches all the time, which made him stay inside. Ho-young also says that their stepmother was putting cleaning products in Joon-food, young’s so he had been trying to stop him from eating it. He remembers an argument he had with their mother, during which she said she married their father for his money and wanted him dead.

Joon-young’s Disorder is Revealed and Dr. Shin’s Treatment Begins

The passage talks about how Ho-mother young’s hurt him and made his brother Joon-young have trouble remembering things. Ho-mother young tried to kill Joon-young with cleaning supplies and blamed him for her problems.

Brain Works Episode 10 Highlights and Recap

Joon-young tried to protect Ho-young by saying that Ho-young(Park Sang-hoon) killed someone by accident. Joon-young is getting help for his memory disorder, and the detective doesn’t want to meet Yi-na, a troubled teen.

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Ha-ru’s Forgotten Memory and Detective Geum’s Lesson Learnt

The text tells the story of Ha-Ru, a character who has forgotten things from his past because they were too painful. Dr. Hwang tells Ha-ru that he needs to face his memories and deal with them. This makes Ha-ru remember being trapped and being rescued by someone. Detective Geum, on the other hand, learns how to deal with his own bad memories and use them to help him in the future. At the end of the text, a masked intruder with a knife comes up to Dr. Shin and talks to him.

Final Words

Detective Geum saves a baby, Ho-young confesses to killing his mother, Joon-young’s memory disorder is revealed, Ha-ru faces painful memories, and Detective Geum uses his own bad memories to his advantage. Joon-young’s disorder is revealed and Dr. Shin’s treatment begins, while Ha-Ru’s forgotten memory and Detective Geum’s lesson are learned.

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