The Best Devices to Play Online Slots On


The Best Devices to Play Online Slots On

Jeremy Caroll

Slots have always been popular because of their ease of playing, not to mention engaging features such as the music. However, since internet casinos such as Rainbow Riches Casino arrived on the scene, online gaming slots have generated even more interest in slots.

Accessibility has been a big factor since people no longer have to head out to an arcade or a bar to play. Prizes have been another big factor, as players have the opportunity to experience some big wins, and so has affordability. Players can have the pleasure of playing online slots and not have to lay down huge stakes. Bonuses such as free spins allow them to get even more enjoyment from their time on an operator’s website.

Naturally, there are different devices for playing online slots. Below is a look at some of the best ones, including discussion of what makes them so good and how you can set them up for slot gaming.

Desktop computers

Online slots are fast and furious, so you want a machine that can cope with them. Desktop computers are excellent for playing online slots on because they’re flexible when it comes to upgrading and expansion. Their graphics processing units (GPUs) tend to have a major speed advantage over devices such as laptops.

Buying a desktop computer for your gaming unlocks all the performance, especially the high power options. You’ll also have a strong cooling system that helps you keep gaming on the computer for longer.

To get the most out of a PC for gaming, update your graphics drivers, improve your Wi-Fi, close down background programs and activate the ‘Game Mode’.

Laptop computers

The performance of laptops has come on leaps and bounds over the years. It’s something manufacturers have really had to work on. As users have experienced an increased need for mobility and energy efficiency, manufacturers have been able to combine portable performance and battery life, allowing slots players to game for respectable amounts of time and enjoy a good gaming experience.

Developments in chip size mean that laptops are getting slenderer, too. This makes them more portable, a plus for anyone who wishes to game on the go.

To get the best out of slot gaming on your laptop, there are several things to do:

  • Play with the charger plugged in (if possible)
  • Set your laptop up on a suitable surface
  • Adjust the power settings
  • Set up laptop fans to stop heat from affecting your computer’s performance
  • Keep your laptop clean and free of dust
  • Check your internet network speed


Smartphones have long battery life and superb display, which makes them superb for enjoying online slots on the move. They’re also easy to carry around and you can connect them to Wi-Fi hotspots or use mobile data, which makes them highly convenient for gaming. You can play anytime, anyplace.

If you’re an especially keen gamer, you can even buy a phone specially designed for gaming. Gaming phones are built with gaming performance in mind and tend to perform better than mainstream phones when it comes to gaming. They have high resolution, larger screens, high-end specs and intuitive controls. You’ll find shoulder buttons on some phones, added with the gamers in mind.

You might think this kind of phone is a gimmick, but you’d be wrong. Gaming phones spoil the users with a performance almost as good as that when playing on a desktop or a gaming console. Their battery life is also better than a regular smartphone and they also have a better refresh rate.

One thing to be aware of, however, if you’re considering investing in a game phone is that these are niche products, so they’re not widely available. It also means that if you need support for them, you might not be able to access it so easily.

If you’re gaming on a mainstream phone, you can boost your gaming by clearing the clutter from your phone, disabling the notifications while you’re playing and choosing the bigger display option on the phone.


Tablets are a third mobile option if you don’t fancy sitting behind a desktop computer for your online slots gaming. They have good performance, a fantastic display and a high refresh rate. As a result, not only do the slots look terrific when you’re playing them, but the action will be smooth and fast, which is part of what make online slots so engaging. If you fancy something different to slots, a tablet can usually handle other casino games as well.

Tablets are practical. They don’t weigh a lot and they’re portable, allowing you to take them anywhere. If price is an issue but you still want a decent tablet, iPads are a suitable choice. Despite some of their limitations, they’ll give you decent overall performance for their money. To experience good quality gaming on a tablet, it helps to clean up the tablet memory, clean the tablet, deactivate the battery power saving mode and make sure you’ve connected your tablet to a good internet network. If not, the game may freeze, lag or crash altogether.

Playing online slots is a great way to pass the time and you can do so on several different devices. Mobile devices offer immense freedom when it comes to where you wish to play, whereas desktops, although fixed to one spot, are powerful and offer blistering performance for online slot gaming as a result.

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