Shadow Warrior 3 launches on March 1

Jeremy Caroll

Although PlayStation Now may not receive the same level of exposure as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass or Sony’s own PlayStation Plus, it still provides excellent value. PlayStation Now has hundreds of titles, however the main difference between it and Xbox Game Pass is that PlayStation Now concentrates on older games, whereas Game Pass has new releases every day. Which will improve next month, when a day one game will be available on PlayStation Now.

On PlayStation Now, Shadow Warrior 3 will be available from March 1. This is the first game on Sony’s game subscription service to premiere on day one, regardless of whether it’s first-party or third-party.

This is a fantastic chance for members to play Shadow Warrior 3 for free, and it’s not entirely surprising considering recent rumours that Sony is working on a new programme, named Spartacus, to compete with Xbox Game Pass. It’s conceivable that the corporation is experimenting with day one debuts with Shadow Warrior 3 before launching a much more comprehensive strategy.

Spartacus isn’t scheduled to be unveiled until Spring 2022, but it’s planned to include many levels, including one with access to a backward compatibility catalogue with PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles. PlayStation Now is now $60 per year and allows customers to view a variety of content.

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