PlayStation unviels the PlayStation VR2 and Sense controllers, which are now thinner and lighter

Jeremy Caroll

PlayStation has unveiled the amazing new look of their next-generation virtual reality headgear, the PlayStation VR2, as well as an updated and final design picture of their second new product, the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller.

The PS VR2 headgear is shaped similarly to the PS VR2 Sense controller, with a comparable “orb” appearance. The 360-degree vision that players get when they enter the virtual reality environment is represented by the circular orb shape. The aesthetic of the PS5 family of goods was also used to inform the design of the PS VR2 headset.

In the blog post, Nishino stated, “Our objective is to build a headset that will not only become an appealing part of your living room décor, but will also keep you engrossed in your gaming world, to the point where you nearly forget you are using a headset or controller.”

The headset is said to have improved haptics and vibrating feedback, as well as eye-tracking, a 110-degree field of view, and foveated rendering, which uses eye-tracking technology to minimise rendering burden by lowering the quality of visuals outside the user’s peripheral vision. The headset will have a 4K HDR resolution (2000 *2040 per eye) and smooth frame rates of 90/120Hz, thanks to an OLED display.

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