How to Make the Most of Flare Guns in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Jeremy Caroll

The Battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile and BGMI are modelled by current military techniques. Battleground creators are constantly looking for ways to improve the player experience, and this time they’ve added flare weapons to the game.

Flare cannons are notorious for causing havoc in the game. Since the introduction of Flare firearms, gamers have been engaging in combat to obtain the prize included in the unique Flare drop.

As a result, the usage of Flare weapons is prohibited in the PUBG Mobile and BGMI esports scenarios.

Experienced players must understand how to utilise Flare weapons efficiently in matches.

How to Make the Most of Flare Guns in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Flare drop Loot: In PUBG Mobile and BGMI, flare guns are used to call an airdrop containing valuable treasure. The so-called airdrop comprises of a Level 3 helmet and vest, along with two unique airdrop weapons that tremendously helps players in battle.

A Bait: As the lit flare can be seen from a long distance, several squads rush towards it to get their hands on the loot. Players can then open fire on enemies trying to loot the Flare drop in the open.

This will ensure that players have an easier time ambushing enemies while they’re looting the drop, or when they are engaged with other squads who are also vying for the special loot.

Summon the armored vehicle: The BRDM-2 is a unique armoured vehicle that can be found in the PUBG Mobile and BGMI battlegrounds. It was recently rebuilt and enhanced so that it can be used in water without sinking. Furthermore, the hit point of the BRDM-2 has been significantly boosted by the creators.

The armoured BRDM-2 can only be summoned by lighting a flare with the use of a Flare cannon. However, this must be done outside of the safe zone, or else the players will be given an airdrop instead.

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