FFXIV Best Mods Complete Info!

Edwin Ladd

Final Fantasy XIV was a complete disaster for many different reasons at the time of launch and scored below fifty on Metacritic. Even after all this, Square Enix didn’t lose hope as Final Fantasy was their flagship series. This is where Naoki Yoshida took charge of the Final Fantasy series, and he put the game back on the right track. It was a hard task to save a half sank ship, but somehow it was done.

From that day onwards, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular titles by Square Enix for all the good reasons. But for such an old game, it is normal that things are outdated in terms of graphics and user interface. These mods and addons don’t provide you with in-game currency, but you can get more FFXIV Gil from mmopixel at a low price. Various mods are available for FFXIV that you can download and install to enhance the graphic performance of the game. Given the number of available mods, it is difficult for players to find which is better for them, so here is the list of ten best mods for FFXIV.

How to install mods in FFXIV?

Before moving to the installation process, you have to download FFXIV mods which is a hard task as they are completely open-source. Find a trusted site and check the mods file before the installation. You can read the tutorial from the download page as the process of installation differs from mod to mod. For HUD modifying mods, you need to download the TexTools first.

Visual mods

With these mods, enhance the lighting, textures, as well as other visual elements of the game.

Alive GShade Preset

Alive GShade Preset is one of the best graphics mods for FFXIV as it improves all the graphical elements of the game. It adjusts the color, adds more fog to the atmosphere, and tweaks the lighting. With this mod, you will feel like you are playing the latest game. You need a good gaming computer to run this mod as it requires thirty percent more graphics processing power.

Face Defined

This mod improves the overall look of non-playing characters and your character. No matter which race they are from or whether they are male or female, it upgrades the textures. The improvements aren’t massive, but they are still better than nothing.

Hair Defined

Previously, it was a hard task to render hairs in Final Fantasy XIV until the Hair defined was released. It comes up with thousands of upgraded and upscaled textures of Hair to change the looks of your character. It is used with the Face Defined in most cases to enhance the character from top to bottom.

NPC defined

The NPC-defined mod upgrades the visual effects of non-playing characters to make them appealing. Cutscenes, raids, the main storyline, and all the other situations of the game feature NPCs, and this mod improves them all. The risk of getting banned in FFXIV for using the NPC-defined mod as it doesn’t interfere with other systems of the game.

UI and navigation Mods

Although most players focus on installing graphical mods only, these mods make the game and its interface player-friendly.


TPie is popular because of its practicality and because it adds a hotkey to the game. With this hotkey, you can change your class, perform macro tasks, select new actions, etc. For pro players who complete difficult high-end raids, TPie is a must-have. You can customize the hotkey and use it in any situation you want. If you don’t know how to set it up, go to the internet and download available TPie presets.


Final Fantasy XIV features a massive map, but there is no compass to help you go in the right direction. Players have been complaining about a compass from the start until this mod was released. It adds a compass to the HUD, so you can move in the right direction and reach the destination in less time.

Moogle Maps

Moogle maps help you in hunting monsters as well as finding treasure. It shows all the available treasure-rich areas and hunting zones at a glance. It tweaks with the texture of the map, but you will see significant improvements in terms of graphics when you move from the map to the main screen or vice versa.

Material 4K UI

When it comes to graphical improvements, the material 4K UI is one of the best mods. It improves the overall interface of the game and replaces the existing elements of the UI with better ones. Earlier, the UI featured lot fewer colors, but new colors along with contrast are added to it. You can view all the available items in the inventory at a glance and manage them effortlessly. Use the dark theme to increase the visual appeal of the interface. Get exact coordinates of nearby treasure chests to get free rewards without any grinding.

Combat mods

If you are fighting with enemies, these combat mods can make a difference. You can defeat even some high-level enemies with them.

Advanced Combat Tracker

Advanced combat tracker mod, which is also known as the damage per second meter, shows all the necessary combat relation information at a glance. View information like healing amount, damage received, damage dealt, damage per second amount, etc. You can also adjust the rotation accordingly.


XIVAuras shows all the available buffs on the HUD along with information about how long they will stay active and how long is the cooldown time. With this information, you can use the buff at the right time to benefit the whole party.


XIVCombo is a custom combo button creator through which you can create buttons to use abilities for a whole new rotation experience. You can customize existing keys and deal with the highest tier raids. MMOPIXEL provides a money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about your money even if you receive the order.

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