drg season 4 release date


DRG Season 4 Start Date and What’s in Store for Players!

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There will be at least two more seasonal updates to Deep Rock Galactic in 2023 after the third one. You may be curious about the potential beginning and ending dates of Season 4 of the online shooter, as the game’s devoted player base anticipates new content drops that make exploring the caves of Hoxxes more enjoyable.

There will most certainly be a fresh aesthetic focus and perhaps even some new cosmetic items in Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic. Here are the current known facts, including potential premiere and finale dates for the fourth season.

What is DRG?

Danish independent studio Ghost Ship Games created the first-person shooter game Deep Rock Galactic for multiplayer use. The 2018 release supports both the Windows PC and the Xbox One console.

In Deep Rock Galactic, you play the part of a space dwarf on a mining expedition to a variety of worlds in search of rare and precious minerals. Each mission is different and presents its own set of obstacles because of the game’s randomly generated levels.

drg season 4 release date

The driller, the engineer, the scout, and the gunner are just some of the playable classes available to the player. Teamwork is essential for navigating the caves and completing quests when using classes that complement each other. The game’s visuals and soundtrack create a foreboding and engrossing underworld full of aggressive alien monsters and perilous environments.

Reviewers have praised Deep Rock Galactic for its innovative gameplay, clever co-op mechanisms, and exciting multiplayer experience. New features and content are constantly being added to keep players interested.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4 Start Date

DRG seasons will continue to be between four and six months in length, per developer Ghost Ship Games’ plans. Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic will presumably begin production shortly, if it hasn’t already, however, the premiere and finale dates have yet to be announced.

With this information in hand, we can make some educated guesses on when Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic would premiere and when it might wrap up. Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic will premiere in April or May of 2023.

Dates between July 2023 and September 2023 have been set as the end of Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic. Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic is scheduled to premiere between March and May of 2023.

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The project is expected to conclude by the end of September. Dates are subject to change, as is the case with any project in the works. When the developer confirms them, then we’ll know for sure.

What’s in Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic?

Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic will likely bring a new theme in which something is altering within the caves of Hoxxes IV and may force players to face a new adversary, however, details on this have not yet been revealed.

The dwarves’ arsenal has grown throughout the first three seasons, but whether or not it will expand more in the fourth remains to be seen.

New cosmetics to be unlocked as you move through a performance pass are also possible in the works. Every time a new season rolls around, new paint jobs for your armor are released as premium cosmetic DLC.

drg season 4 release date

On April 14, we saw the first mysterious teaser for DRG Season 4 DLC, which seemed to hint that an arcade machine would be coming to the Rig. A second teaser was released over a week later, showing a dwarf guarding a strange package.

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That wraps up what we know about the plot and air times for Season 4 of Deep Rock Galactic. As the release date draws near, more information should be made public.


Deep Rock Galactic is an online cooperative shooter game developed by Ghost Ship Games. The game features a variety of playable classes and an underground world filled with hostile creatures and treacherous environments. The fourth season of the game is set to release between April and May 2023, with a conclusion planned for between July and September of the same year.

The new season is expected to bring a new theme, including new cosmetics, with teasers released featuring an arcade machine and a mysterious package. More details will be revealed as the release date approaches.

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