Football Best Player: Top 8 Around the World

Jeremy Caroll

Our thorough list of the world’s top ten football best player in 2022. Who is the world’s finest football best player? The solution will never be reached, never be entirely resolved, and never be definitively decided.

Naturally, we felt it would be a good idea to attempt to compile a list of the greatest of the best in international football best player. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have ruled the roost for most of the last two decades. Still, their reign is under increasing danger from the next generation of football best player with lofty ambitions. Our selection is based on several things.

Football Best Player

We considered short-term form, although extremely good or bad 2021/22 seasons were missed in many situations. So that football best player with a lengthy history of outstanding performances aren’t pushed down at the first chance. Trophies, league strength, raw numbers, unquantifiable magic, and a slew of other factors have come together to make our criteria for the list. We know you’ll completely disagree with us.

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To whet your stomach, even more, we have eliminated defensive heavyweights Ruben Dias and Virgil van Dijk. Further Manchester United’s creative powerhouse Bruno Fernandes. Also PSG megastar Neymar from our rankings to highlight the absolute strength of the top 10. Our website presents our final ranking of the world’s top ten football best player in 2022.

Top 10 Football Best Players

Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd)

Ronaldo is one of the major movers and shakers on this list. He had previously been securely in the top two for nearly a decade. As he nears the end of his career, it’s reasonable to assume his finest days are behind him. But there’s no shame in that, and he remains a devastating piece in United’s inventory.

Ronaldo has progressed from a quick-thinking winger to a talismanic center striker. He remains one of the finest in the business when it comes to keeping his calm and scoring game-winning goals at the finish.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

It’s difficult to draw straight comparisons between defenders, midfielders, and forwards, but Alexander-strength Arnold is that he can play in all three positions. He seldom gets caught out at the rear, knows when to drift back and forth in the center of the park in and out of possession, and when he turns on the turbochargers, he can scythe down the line and produce spectacular crosses on command.

Alexander-Arnold is the finest full-back globally, and his continual influence on games has contributed significantly to Liverpool’s recent success. What’s the best part? He’s only 23 years old.

Benzema, Karim (Real Madrid)

Benzema has made a strong comeback to the list, enjoying an Indian summer after nearly two decades in the game. Madrid has bypassed the Real Madrid star for Galactico-style big-money players in previous years, but they always come back to the dependable Frenchman, who has one of the greatest seasons of his career in 2021/22.

He didn’t make this list just on his 17 goals in 21 La Liga games this season; he had three back-to-back 20-goal seasons previous to this one, along with a slew of assists, demonstrating his work rate and altruism and importance in deciding Madrid’s success.

Erling Haaland (Dortmund)

We get at the first player on the list, who has a very good chance of reaching the coveted No. 1 slot on our list over the next several years. Since breaking onto the professional football world, Haaland has been nothing short of spectacular. He was a prolific performer for Red Bull Salzburg and is now mocking the Bundesliga in a Dortmund shirt.

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At 6’4″, he is a force to be reckoned with. Haaland scored 72 goals in 71 league games during the course of two and a half seasons, from the summer of 2019 to the beginning of 2022. He is destined for greatness.

Mbappe, Kylian (PSG)

Kylian Mbappe is without a doubt Haaland’s major rival for the title of “greatest player in the world”. The top four players on this list are all 29 or older. Further clearing the door for the Frenchman to reign supreme for many years to come. He has the acceleration of Doc Brown’s DeLorean, and at the age of 23, he has already scored 88 goals in 100 PSG league games and 24 goals in 53 France national team appearances.

When Mbappe is charging at you, all you can do is cry and pray for help. His tight control is unrivaled, and his clinical finishing skill is the cherry on top.

Football Best Player

Kevin De Bruyne (Man City)

Salah should be ahead of De Bruyne in terms of raw form, but in terms of the whole package, skill-set, technical ability, physical attributes, and mental toughness, De Bruyne may be the world’s No. 1 footballer today.

He is the finest football crosser in Premier League history, with some of the most spectacular passes you’re ever likely to watch. He can not only create goals, but he can also remove nets from their stanchions. This is all well and good, but De Bruyne’s surprise quickness and physicality set him apart from the pack of comparable guys. The Belgian is stronger than you might anticipate, and he is a quick mover with the football when he is fully charged. He absolutely has everything.

Lewandowski, Robert (Bayern Munich)

There is no doubt that Lewandowski is the most in-form player in the world right now. And he has been for a while. It feels like a travesty that he hasn’t won a Ballon d’Or throughout his wild career. The Polish legend possesses a well-balanced arsenal of speed, strength, and technical aptitude, and his movement in the box is superb. His posture is always on the spot, and there is no one you would rather put your faith in a one-on-one situation.

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We understand that raw metrics aren’t everything, but we’ll leave you with some red-hot Lewandowski data to chew on. He has 328 goals in 357 appearances for Bayern Munich in all competitions, including 41 Bundesliga goals in just 29 games last season. This season, he’s also averaging more than a goal per game.

Lionel Messi (PSG)

“However, Ronaldo has slid to tenth place?” I can hear you sobbing. There’s no hiding the reality that Lionel Messi hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in Paris this season. Still, half a season of relative mediocrity shouldn’t erase 15 years of absolute supremacy. There’s no doubt that Ronaldo and Messi will be remembered as two of the finest football best player of all time, alongside the late great Diego Maradona. However, despite his erratic form, Ronaldo’s position has been reduced, and we’re still seeing the full-fat Messi.

Football Best Player

After a fantastic last season with Barcelona and eventually capturing a title with Argentina, Messi is the reigning Ballon d’Or winner. His impact should never be questioned, and his brilliance should never be underestimated. If he hasn’t found his groove by the end of the season, he may be on his way down the list, but for now, if there’s one football best player in the world you’d like to play for your football club, just one name comes to mind: Leo.

Final Thoughts

Lionel Messi is the unquestioned ruler of the football world. However, it would be remiss not to question his season with PSG thus far. The French team is the closest approach to a real-world FIFA Ultimate Team XI you’re likely to see, and as football best player know, camaraderie takes time to develop.

He is the finest individual talent and based on over two decades of cold, objective statistics and warm, unquantifiable magic. Not only are they the finest right now, but they are also the best of all time. Do you agree with the items on our list? You don’t, of course! And that’s perfectly great, even if you’re absolutely incorrect.

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