Who is Yellowstone Monica? Are Monica and Kayce still in a relationship?


Who is Yellowstone Monica? Are Monica and Kayce still in a relationship?


Yellowstone has not been reluctant to eliminate personalities. As the Duttons strive to retain their highly desired land, bloodshed is inevitable, putting the family in jeopardy. As Yellowstone has demonstrated that no one is safe, many fans may worry if Monica perishes in the park. Monica Dutton is still alive and healthy after many near-death experiences. Her destiny in the forthcoming fifth season is uncertain.

While nothing is guaranteed, some fans suspect that Monica Dutton will die in season five of Yellowstone. Some believe Monica will die after childbirth, leaving Kayce to raise their two children alone. Others believe that Monica’s death will fuel the vengeance plot between Kayce and his opponents.

What Happened to Monica in Yellowstone’s First Season?

Monica attempts to break up a fight between two boys at the school where she works in the first season of Yellowstone. Unfortunately, she was struck and suffered a severe injury. While recuperating at home, Monica lost consciousness. She was sent to the hospital, where physicians diagnosed her with an epidural hematoma, a sort of brain damage. Monica underwent surgery and started a lengthy recuperation process.

What Happened to Monica Dutton on 'Yellowstone' - Monica Dutton on ' Yellowstone' Season 2

During her rehabilitation, Monica participates in physical therapy to aid in the healing of her injuries. As Monica heals from her brain damage, her relationship with Kayce deteriorates as they confront several obstacles.

Are Monica and Kayce still in a relationship?

Throughout Monica’s rehabilitation from brain surgery, her relationship with Kayce was strained. Monica disapproves of Kayce’s connection with John, and she concerns for the safety of Kayce and their son Tate. Kayce and Monica decide to give their marriage a second chance, and they are able to work things out.

Monica developed a bond with her physical therapist during therapy, while she and Kayce were at odds. Upon discovering she still loved Kayce, she decided to end the relationship when they became intimate. In the episode “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops,” Kayce informs Monica that he witnessed “the end of us” after his vision.

The Kayce And Monica Theory That Yellowstone Fans Don't Want To Hear

It is unknown what the vision implies, but it may signal that Kayce and Monica’s marriage will end, either because they will separate or because Monica will die. In season 5 of Yellowstone, Kayce may decide between his two lives.

What Happened to Monica in Yellowstone’s Fourth Season?

In season four, Monica’s life is once again threatened. Monica and Tate are attacked when Kayce calls to warn them that they may be in danger following his near escape from an attack.

A masked intruder breaks into their home and attacks and injures Monica. Tate is able to shoot the intruder with a rifle, so sparing his mother’s life. The mother and son then proceed to the bunkhouse to seek safety.

Later, Kayce discovers his wife and son finding sanctuary in their bedroom. Tate is hiding beneath the bed, visibly distressed by the event. Kayce removes Tate from beneath the bed, embraces him, and reassures him that everything is fine.

Is Monica Pregnant in Yellowstone?

Monica discloses in season four of Yellowstone that she is pregnant with her second child and that Tate will become an older sibling. Monica is apprehensive about bringing another child into the world because of the threats the Dutton family confronts.

Yellowstone Season 5 Release date and Episodes

Season five of Yellowstone will release on Paramount+ on November 13, 2022. Fans will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats for the two-hour season premiere special event. Season five will consist of 14 episodes, giving fans of Yellowstone more to look forward to. The season will be divided into two halves, each including seven episodes.

While there is currently no official release date for the second installment, many assume it will air in the spring or summer of 2023.

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