Woman of the Dead release date


When Will Woman of the Dead Be Released on Netflix?


Woman of the Dead Release Date On Netflix: The brand-new Netflix series Woman Of The Dead will make its debut in early 2023 and is based on the same-titled best-selling novel by Bernhard Asichner. At the beginning of 2023, people are curious to find out all the specifics and are asking when it will be available. The authors of this series are Nicolai Rohde, Barbara Stepansky, Wolfgang Mueller, Benito Mueller, Mike Majzen, and Nicolai Rohde.

The diving board claims that Blum, a mother of two young children and owner of a funeral home in a well-known ski resort, is central to the story of Woman Of The Dead. She was distraught when her husband was killed in an accident.

Soon after, she started to put the pieces together that would eventually lead her to believe that her husband had been assassinated because he had been working on a project to reveal terrible secrets. She started to go from being the predator to the victim throughout her quest.

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This is the sixth film in a series that has also included films by Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller for Barry Films, Thomas Hroch and Gerald Podgoring for Mona Film, and Squareone Productions.

The task of co-executive producing is carried out by Nicolai Rohde.

Woman of the Dead Release Date

When Will Woman of the Dead Be Released on Netflix?

Here is the official information regarding the release date of the Netflix series Woman Of The Dead, which is slated to premiere on January 5, 2023, as it was previously announced that it will be accessible to stream in the early part of 2023.

What is The Storyline of Woman of the Dead?

According to reports, Blum, the female lead in Woman of the Dead, manages a funeral home inside a ski resort. Due to the rarity of women working in these fields, this is an intriguing topic.

Blum also looks after two of her own young daughters. She has no filter for her words since the untimely death of her husband.

As the narrative goes on, Blum learns certain terrible details that make her think that her husband’s death was not an accident but rather a murder. She decides to exact her vengeance by finding the conspirator or conspirators now that she is aware of the truth.

Who Are the Cast Members of Woman of the Dead?

When Will Woman of the Dead Be Released on Netflix?

  • Anna Maria Mühe
    • Felix Klare
    • Yousef Sweid
    • Shenja Lacher
    • Robert Palfrader
    • Simon Schwarz
    • Gregor Bloéb
    • Michou Friesz.
    • Gerhard Liebmann
    • Hans Uwe Bauer
    • Sebastian Hülk
    • Andrea Wenzl
    • Wolfram Koch
    • Britta Hammelstein
    • Peter Kurth

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In the series, each of these performers will take on a role that is completely distinct from the others!

Woman of the Dead Trailer

There is no official trailer for Stab That Cake episode 1. Whenever there is any news about the trailer, we will update this post.

Final Words

Above, we talk about the movie’s release date, cast, and plot. The official information regarding the release date of the Netflix series Woman Of The Dead is slated to premiere on January 5, 2023. Kindly read again if you missed some information about this show.

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