Will Trent Season 1 Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know About the New Crime Drama Series


Will Trent Season 1 Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know About the New Crime Drama Series


Will Trent Season 1 Release Date: When the investigation into the murder of a teenage girl reveals that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Will Trent (Ramón Rodriguez) is called upon to use his astute instincts and powers of observation to unearth the truth in the pilot episode of the new ABC drama series Will Trent, based on the New York Times bestselling series of novels by Karin Slaughter.

Will, like the great eccentric detectives who came before him, such as Colombo, Monk, or Sherlock Holmes, has a unique set of quirks: he always wears a three-piece suit despite the series’ setting of Atlanta,

where summers can reach over 100 degrees; he is dyslexic and has developed workarounds for his inability to read; and his power of observation is unmatched by other detectives.

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Everything we now know is as follows.

Will Trent’s Season 1 Release Date

Will Trent, based on Karin Slaughter’s New York Times best-selling novels, will premiere on ABC and Hulu on January 3, 2023, and will be bought by Disney+ as a Star Original internationally.

Will Trent Season 1 Plot: What to Expect?

The story revolves around Will Trent, who, after being abandoned as a child, faces numerous hardships and grows up in the harsh reality of life. Despite having witnessed the worst aspects of life, he decides to become a person who can improve the world for individuals like him rather than a criminal.

He joined the George Bureau of Investigations and achieved the highest clearance rate in the bureau after dedicating himself to being a special agent in an Atlanta foster care facility.

Will Trent Season 1 Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know About the New Crime Drama Series

With his unique perspective on the world, he would risk all to protect the weak. In the series, he faces crimes such as murder, which appear to be solved with evidence but finally takes unforeseen turns.

Will Trent come to regret his life decisions along the way, or will he be able to solve the cases and prove that all he’s done with his life has been worthwhile?

The show takes a unique approach to criminal investigations, and the trailer promises that the main character, who wears a three-piece suit and arrests criminals, is entertaining. Will Trent: Triptych appears to be a loose adaptation of the first book in the series.

Who’s the Cast Member of “Will Trent Season 1”?

The focus of the series will be Ramon Rodriguez, who will play Will Trent, the determined detective with the best clearance record in the GBI. The actor is well-known for his performances in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Need for Speed, Battle Los Angeles, and Marvel’s Iron Fist.

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In her role as co-detective Faith Mitchell, Iantha Richardson will work with him to identify the criminals. Various television shows, including Good Trouble, This Is Us, and American Soul, have had Richardson as a guest star.

Will Trent Season 1 Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know About the New Crime Drama Series

Angie Polaski will be portrayed by Erika Christensen, who has previously appeared in Swimfan, Flightplan, The Perfect Score, and Traffic.

Even though these characters appear to receive more screen time, the supporting cast also includes Deion Smith as Jeremey Mitchell, Jake Mclaughlin as Michael, Isaiah Stratton as Officer O’Hara, Todd Allen Durkin as Captain Dennis Heller, Cora Lu Tan as Nico, and Jennifer Morrison as Abigail Campano.

The series is directed by Howard Deutch and Paul McGuigan, as was previously mentioned. The latter is well known for his work on The Acid House, Wicker Park, Victor Frankenstein, Lucky Number Slevin, and Victor Frankenstein.

The former has prior experience working on CSI: Cyber, Young Sheldon, and American Horror Story.

The show’s writers and executive producers include Liz Heldens, who penned the screenplays for Friday Night Lights, The Passage, The Orville, and Deception, and Daniel T. Thomsen, who wrote the scripts for Westworld and Batwoman.

Where to Watch Will Trent Online?

The ABC television show Will Trent. As a result, episodes are carried live on the network in the US. For those who have given up traditional cable/satellite television, ABC is available via live TV streaming services like Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV.

The day after they air, episodes are made available for streaming on Hulu in case you’d rather watch media on demand.

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