Why Did Sandra Oh Leave Grey’s Anatomy


Why Did Sandra Oh Leave Grey’s Anatomy in Season 10?

Mai K. Sosa

Shonda Rhimes’ long-running medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” has been a mainstay of television for over a decade.

The show has seen numerous cast changes over the years, but one departure that left a significant impact on both the series and its devoted fan base was that of Sandra Oh, who portrayed the brilliant and beloved character, Dr. Cristina Yang.

Sandra has become a megastar since leaving her role as Dr Cristina Yang, co-directing four seasons of Killing Eve, Netflix series The Chair, and a prominent role in Pixar’s red panda-tastic Turning Red.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Sandra Oh’s departure from “Grey’s Anatomy” and the implications it had for the show.

What Role Did Sandra Oh Play in the Series?

The fictitious Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (originally Seattle Grace Hospital) serves as the series’ core setting, however, it has branched out and featured stories in other institutions. For the most part, Grey’s Anatomy was led by Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), whom viewers followed from her days as an intern until her appointment as Head of General Surgery.

Why Did Sandra Oh Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), one of the interns who joined the hospital at the same time as Meredith, became Meredith’s best friend. Cristina Yang’s life, like most of the primary characters on Grey’s Anatomy, was a roller coaster, with her main storylines including Preston Burke and Owen Hunt, both of whom had problematic relationships.

Cristina is intensely focused and competitive, and although she is a skilled and knowledgeable doctor, she frequently struggles to express her emotions and finds it difficult to relate with patients. Cristina and Sandra Oh departed Grey’s Anatomy in season 10 after Preston Burke offered her his job as the CEO of a hospital in Switzerland (years after their relationship ended unexpectedly). Cristina accepted the offer and relocated to Zurich.

Why Did Sandra Oh Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Sandra Oh wanted to go out and try new things after being a part of “Grey’s Anatomy” for ten seasons. She desired to stretch herself with new characters and tasks.

Sandra Oh, the star of Grey’s Anatomy, opened up about how fame affected her. She spoke with Jung Ho-Yeon, who appears in Squid Game, and stated that her life altered dramatically after Grey’s Anatomy became popular in 2005.

Sandra Oh elaborated, saying, “Honestly, I became ill.” I believe my entire body was sick. Despite the fact that you continue to work?” “It’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t sleep.'” she went on. My back hurts so much. ‘I have no idea what’s wrong with my skin.’ I realized that I needed to prioritize my health. But it’s not just your body, is it? That is your spirit.”

Sandra Oh played Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy for 10 seasons before quitting the program in 2014 to pursue less demanding endeavors.

Could Sandra Oh Return to Grey’s Anatomy?

Sandra Oh departed Grey’s Anatomy, but because she didn’t die, she could always return to the show if she wanted to. If she decided to return, the show would almost certainly welcome her back.

Why Did Sandra Oh Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Several cast members, including dead characters, resurfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of Meredith’s hallucinations. There was also a scene in which Cristina, the main character, wrote a letter to Addison and Bailey. Cristina did this in Season 19, Episode 16 when she provided materials for Addison’s PRT. Could Sandra Oh be making a comeback?

It was the first time anyone had addressed Cristina since she left for Switzerland in years. Her name was last mentioned in season 17, when she texted Owen, asking for updates on Meredith’s status after contracting COVID-19.

During Grey’s medical licensure hearing in season 16, she texted Meredith and also sent a letter of support. While Sandra Oh has been gone for eleven years, these events ensured that Cristina and her time on the program were never forgotten. During Derek’s funeral in season 11, a stand-in actor also played Cristina.

With Meredith Grey’s departure as a full-time cast member, there may be a push for more cameos from the past. The return of Sandra Oh and Cristina could be a watershed moment for Grey’s Anatomy fans. Even if it is only a small comeback of one or two episodes, this may be beneficial to fans.

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Cristina is the perfect person to return and assist in taking up that struggle in the hospital, given the show’s recent emphasis on reproductive rights tales.

Cristina had an abortion in season 7, which Owen ridiculed her for, but she fought for her rights. Sandra Oh left Grey’s Anatomy, whether for that tale or as a surprise in the future, but she may always return.

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