Who Is 'The Mole' on Netflix Show? Let's Make a Yarn Wall!


Who Is ‘The Mole’ on Netflix Show? Let’s Make a Yarn Wall!


It will be the next most important question after “Who will sit on the Iron Throne in House of Dragon?” Who is the Mole?

The first five episodes of the relaunch of the popular reality competition series are now available to see on Netflix. The show is a game of Poirot-style character analyses, Clue-level bluffs, and The Crucible-caliber accusations among obstacles worthy of any Squid Game, albeit less violent.

The structure of The Mole is the same as it has always been, now led by journalist Alex Wagner (amazing host, 11/10): A bunch of strangers work together to gain money by completing objectives, but only one of them will win. Clearly, there is a twist. One member of the squad is a double agent who sabotages these challenges to cause the team to lose or receive less money. The very knowledge that this individual exists renders the group incapable of ever establishing trust.

Knowing about the other participants is a source of power, which manifests itself in devious psychological experiments. During each episode, the group is required to answer 20 questions about who they believe the impostor to be, with the least accurate participant being sent home.

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The first five episodes have taken place in some of the most breathtaking sites in Queensland, including the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

Who Is 'The Mole' on Netflix Show? Let's Make a Yarn Wall!

Who is the Mole, then? As The Mole publishes a batch of its 60-minute episodes over the next three weeks — episodes 1 through 5 were released on October 7, the next two will be released on October 14, and the last two, including the season finale, will arrive on October 21 — we do not yet know. However, we may make an educated estimate based on the slick editing of the production crew (i.e., those whose job it is to prevent guessing until the finale) and the acts of the contestants.

The players are all intelligent professionals with experience solving puzzles, working under pressure, and reading others: software developer Kesi Neblett, real estate broker Osei White, commercial pilot Joi Schweitzer, COVID ICU nurse Casey Lary, professional gamer Avori Henderson, attorney Pranav Patel, warehouse worker Dom Gabriel, marketing consultant Greg Shapiro, mental health counsellor Samara Joy, therapist Sandy Ronquillo, and brand manager Jacob Hacker. They could all, essentially, be the Mole.

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The objective of the game is to convince other players that you are the Mole when you are not, and to divert suspicion away from yourself when you are. People and viewers are continuously worried, pointing fingers for incompetence, squandering time, or not displaying the talents they should. The missions are frequently physically hazardous and difficult, creating ample opportunities for sabotage or simple incompetence. People’s occupations are relevant. Clues cost money, and their unveiling raises suspicions. Like a game of Mafia or Werewolf, each challenge concludes with accusations flying and every detail of when someone messed up being discussed.

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The method by which participants determine who is or is not the Mole is entertaining to observe and participate in, since the production team has provided enough possibilities for sabotage. Anything can be used as proof for or against a person’s status as the Mole. You are praised or blamed for leading or following, being too eager, being too quiet, sucking at physical exercise, contributing too much money to the pot, or taking it all away in one fell swoop. In addition, the creators have added some interesting twists to the challenges.

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If you have seen the first five episodes of The Mole, you are aware that several contestants have been removed for failing to identify the traitor. Osei, Samara, Dom, and Sandy all received the red smartphone screen of doom during elimination, thus we assume they cannot be the Mole unless the production staff has a dramatic twist up their sleeves.

Therefore, we are analysing the players who remain in the game after episode 5.

  • Is Joi the Mole?

  • Is Greg the Mole?

  • Is Casey the Mole?

  • Is Avori the Mole?

  • Is Pranav the Mole?

  • Is Kesi the Mole?

  • Is Jacob the Mole?

  • Is William the Mole?

So, who is it?

Okay, if I had to pick right now, I would wager on Jacob, Casey, or Kesi. William, Greg, and Joi appear to be the most apparent candidates, so while I haven’t ruled them out, they are lower on my suspect list.

Clearly, I will be incorrect. Don’t @ me. Are there two Moles, or is there only one? Regardless of who the Mole is, I guarantee you’ve never heard the phrase “mole” so often, right?

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