Who is Squirrel on the Masked Singer?


Who is Squirrel on the Masked Singer? Here Are Costume Clues and Guesses


Squirrel is the subject of debate.

One of the characters to debut during DC Superheroes Night on The Masked Singer US season 9 has people guessing; there’s a tweet featuring ice skates, so early speculation is that she might be a figure skater, but the slight teasing of her tongue under her whiskered nose almost gives the impression that she’s laughing at us because she’s going to prove us wrong.

In addition to Gargoyle and Wolf, Squirrel debuts on The Masked Singer.

After reaching the Battle Royale with Gargoyle, Squirrel ultimately advanced to the following week’s tournament.

Who is she, then? Let’s analyze the clues to see if we can identify The Masked Singer’s Squirrel.

Who is Squirrel on The Masked Singer in the United States?

Pink’s “Try” was performed by Squirrel to the joy of the audience.

She gave a rousing rendition of “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down during the Battle Royale against Gargoyle.

Before the DC Superheroes Night episode of The Masked Singer aired, there was a video of Squirrel falling out of a tree on social media (she is apparently not a flying Squirrel).

Who is Squirrel on the Masked Singer?

She is given a pair of ice skates upon landing, indicating that she may be a figure skater. Michelle Kwan? Kristi Yamaguchi? Tara Lipinski? We’ll have to wait and see!

Celebrity Clue: DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee presented the Celebrity Clue and it was “hero time.” Squirrel stated, “Like with that work of art, I devote time to my task.

But it’s all worthwhile when I see the finished product, such as this clue, ‘hero time.'”

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Voiceover clue: “Indeed, that’s me You may be wondering how I got into this predicament. Growing up, I was a typical professional ice skater with Olympic aspirations.

I desired a career as a toxicologist. My superpower consists of empathy. Yet, I ended up in the insane metropolis of Hollywood.

What transpired may have occurred to billions of bomblets. I modeled for a major modeling agency, appeared in commercials for teen acne, landed roles in sitcoms, and made love with Tom Cruise.

As of late, I enjoy playing superheroes as much as I enjoy playing the funny girl next door.

What can I say, I have versatility. Well, that is essentially how I arrived here. I’m dressed like a gorgeous squirrel to demonstrate how insane I am.”

Squirrel on The Masked Singer: Here are Costume Clues

Who is Squirrel on the Masked Singer?

Squirrel has large ears, a large tail, and large amounts of energy! She is wearing a futuristic-looking blue and silver outfit with white faux fur-lined boots.

She is even wearing an acorn-decorated leather corset.

It’s probable that her costume alludes to a person who is prepared for any situation; we all know that squirrels hide nuts for a rainy day, so it’s safe to assume that The Masked Singer’s Squirrel is prepared for a downpour!

It is evident that Squirrel is accustomed to performing as a dancer or figure skater.

Consider how she employs her hands. Clearly, she knows how to dance, and we can’t wait to find out who’s behind the mask!

Squirrel on The Masked Singer: Here are the guesses

Who is Squirrel on the Masked Singer?

Squirrel’s identity was guessed to be Naomi Watts, Katie Holmes, Renee Zellweger, Margot Robbie, and Uma Thurman, among others.

The ninth season of The Masked Singer airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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