Who is PnB Rock's girlfriend? When did PnB Rock begin dating With His girlfriend?


Who is PnB Rock’s girlfriend? When did PnB Rock begin dating With His girlfriend?


On September 12, 2022, the terrible news of PnB Rock’s death shocked the music industry to its core. The rapper was fatally shot in broad daylight during a heist at the Los Angeles eatery Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles, leaving his fans and peers in shock.

As if it weren’t awful enough that the 30-year-old musician, whose actual name was Rakim Allen, was killed in a senseless act of violence, his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, was also present. Who precisely is she, and what do we know about what transpired in the restaurant between her and PnB Rock? Continue reading for the current status of the information.

Who is PnB Rock’s girlfriend?

Although many music lovers are just now finding Stephanie as a result of what happened to PnB Rock, the influencer has amassed quite a following of her own over the years. Prior to deleting her Instagram account in the aftermath of the rapper’s murder, she had over 500,000 followers and routinely shared updates on her everyday life, trips, luxury things, and even photos with PnB Rock.

Stephanie is the proprietor of the online boutique Angel Energy, which specialised in women’s bikinis, dresses, and sets that appear to cost upwards of $45.

Stephanie’s primary Instagram account is now inactive, but she maintains a secondary account, @prettybyyi, where she promotes Angel Energy and gives insights into her beauty and health regimes. As of this writing, that page has approximately 16,000 followers.

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When did PnB Rock begin dating Stephanie Sibounheng?

Rapper PnB Rock reportedly shot at a restaurant in Los Angeles | Fox News

It is unknown when PnB Rock and Stephanie began dating, although intermittent posts over time indicate that they were together for a considerable amount of time before his death. Additionally, the couple has a daughter called Xuri Li, who was born on March 27, 2020.

PnB tweeted at the time, “Xuri was born on the 27th, but the internet is not ready for her yet, I swear haha.”
There were speculations that Stephanie and PnB Rock broke up in early 2022, with Stephanie being linked to rapper Almighty Jay. In an Instagram post dated March 15, 2022, that has since been archived, PnB Rock revealed his affections for Stephanie.

“There was a moment when I believed there was something greater in the world for me… I disregarded everything at home in pursuit of this feeling of emptiness “He composed.

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The deceased rapper “But upon entering the world, I found that… EVERYONE has their issues and vices. NO ONE is flawless. So if you anything like who I was, quit chasin’ that ‘PERFECT’ relationship like in the movies haha. You may forget about it. You may end yourself losing the one thing that made you joyful… I mention that in order to express this… I messed up MASSIVELY, and I know that @stephsibounheuang is my true blessing.”

When PnB Rock was killed, Stephanie Sibounheuang was there.

Rapper PnB Rock shot at Inglewood Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles: TMZ

The couple got back together, and just hours before he died, PnB Rock posted a picture of them on his Instagram story. Interestingly enough, Stephanie was with PnB Rock when he died. She had posted that they were at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in South Los Angeles.

Some of his fans blamed Stephanie for the rapper’s death because she told people online where he was. This accusation sparked so much online chatter that Cardi B had to step in and say what she thought about it all.

“I doubt very much that [n-words] looked at PMB’s baby Instagram. He was in a bad place, and people plotted from the outside. It’s very careless and rude to put the blame on her for something so sad. “At this time, we should send nothing but love to her and her family,” she typed.

As of the time, this was written, the Los Angeles Police Department was looking at security footage to try to find out who killed the rapper.

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