Who Is J Balvin Dating?


Who Is J Balvin Dating? Is she Valentina Ferrer?


J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer, the South American power couple, are set to make a scene on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs, where the Colombian musician nicknamed the “Prince of Reggaeton” will perform on Aug. 28. The pair has been dating since 2018, and they plan to start a family in June 2021. You may remember the Argentine Ferrer from her modeling career, music video appearances, and acting career — or perhaps simply from her stunning red carpet outings on Balvin’s arm.


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Balvin and Ferrer originally met on the set of his music video for “Sigo Extraándote” in 2017, and they made their public debut as a couple a year later on the 2018 New York Fashion Week red carpet. Ferrer is a model who rose to prominence after representing Argentina at the Miss Universe competition in 2014. While she did not win the title, she did finish in the Top 10 – something no Argentine woman had done in 30 years.

Despite her accomplishment, she had no intention of becoming a model. “I went to Miami with my pals when I was 20 years old after studying physical education in Buenos Aires,” she told Ponte Bella via People. “That’s where Erin Lucas, the director of Elite Model Management at the time, noticed me and asked if I wanted to be a model.” Her career started humbly at Miami Swim Week, where she earned only $100.

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Working in modeling allowed her to be close to one of her interests, fashion. “I adore heels; I’m incredibly tall, but if it were up to me, I’d wear heels all the time,” she explained. “I adore Balenciaga, handbags, and boots; they complement my taste well.” When she’s not on the runway, she loves a tomboy aesthetic or large clothing to maximize comfort.


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Ferrer acquired the acting bug after participating in J Balvin’s music video, and in 2019, she appeared on Betty en NY, a Telemundo sitcom based on Ugly Betty. “It’s a humorous series, and I adore comedy, especially when I’m laughing at myself,” she remarked of her role in the show. “The nicest thing is that I portray myself. Everything was done in my own name. It was really fascinating and enjoyable.”


Rio, the couple’s first child, was born in 2021. On June 27, he was born. The new parents have been careful not to post pictures of their kids on social media, instead finding creative methods to show their joy as a family.

Balvin just tweeted “Querido Rio,” which translates to “My beloved Rio” after the kid was born. Rio has appeared frequently on his Instagram account since then, highlighting the bright aspects of parenting. Balvin has stated that he wishes to be Rio’s best friend, but he is also concerned about being responsible for another person’s life.

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“We know life is so difficult at times that you feel like you can’t put up with yourself, and how [are] you going to assist your child to be stronger, better than you?” he told Entertainment Tonight.

Ferrer first revealed her pregnancy to Vogue Mexico, explaining that she “took the pregnancy test in the toilet with my dog to not be alone.” Because I couldn’t believe it, I took three tests in succession.” Balvin, too, didn’t think she was pregnant at first. “He was frozen. He was overjoyed, but it was like a Zoom call that didn’t function when the WiFi went down. “He remained transfixed,” she said on her partner’s reaction. “I told him face to face, yet that’s how he reacted.”

Balvin and Ferrer haven’t spoken publicly about marriage or having more children; for the time being, the pair is pleased with their lives as they are.

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