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Who Is Alec In The Last Of Us? Here is Answer…


Who is the character Alec in The Last of Us? At the beginning of The Last of Us season 8, episode 8, Ellie has successfully sewn up Joel’s wound from the knife.

The infection has spread to his wound, and there is little food left for him and Ellie. These two pieces of evidence suggest that the eighth episode of The Last of Us opens with Ellie and Joel some days or weeks after the conclusion of the previous episode.

David reveals to Ellie at the beginning of the second half of the episode that Alec and many other raiders were slain a few weeks prior. Alec was specifically murdered by a psychotic guy who was followed to the crime scene by a young girl.

Who Is Alec In The Last Of Us?

In the sixth episode of Season 6, Joel and Ellie rode up to the campus and were ambushed by a raider as they attempted to flee. Even though Joel was injured in the process, the gang removed the danger and fled.

Given the available information, we may deduce that Alec was the raider who encountered Joel and Ellie at the university in episode 6 and that Alec’s murder at the hands of Joel prompted David’s organization to seek revenge against Joel and his colleagues.

Who Did Joel Kill in HBO's The Last of Us? Answered

Another piece of evidence suggests that there are consequences for killing individuals in the TLOU universe. The mysterious raider, who initially appeared to play no role in this episode’s events, is at the core of the central narrative.

David tells a heartbroken mother and daughter towards the beginning of When We Are in Need that they must wait until spring, when the ground has thawed, to bury Alec, the man slain by Joel (Pedro Pascal) in The Last of Us episode 6.

Alec was the guy Joel (Pedro Pascal) killed in episode 6 of The Last of Us. David’s gaze toward James before making this comment suggests, however, that Alec’s body had already been partially dismembered and dispersed among David’s followers.

It is intriguing to ponder what David might have said to Alec’s children and wife if Ellie had not slain him. David’s obituary will be held in the spring, and we can only speculate what he might have said. It would have been ludicrous to come up with an explanation for Alec’s physical defects.

There is a good chance that David had not yet considered anything that far into the future. But, given how secure he appears to be in his role as a leader, it is quite doubtful that he would have spent a substantial amount of time defending his actions.

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