Where was "the lost city" filmed? Explore all locations


Where was “the lost city” filmed? Explore all locations


You’ve seen “The Lost City” and are curious about where it was filmed. Then you’ve arrived at the proper location! Peerspace will take you on the journey of a lifetime. We will discuss the actual filming sites and take a tour of the island where the movie was shot!

About “The Lost City”

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum co-star in “The Lost City,” the newest romantic comedy in the “Romancing the Stone” vein. The couple faces danger on an exotic island in the Atlantic Ocean.

About "The Lost City"

Bullock portrays a romance author who lives the type of narrative she writes, while Tatum serves as the handsome cover model for her novels. They discover a new passion for one another as well as a lovely island to explore while on the island.

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While the focus of the audience may be on the leading duo and their humorous chemistry, it cannot be denied that the filming locations are as crucial to the production’s success. It would be difficult to view the film without wondering where “The Lost City” was filmed.

On which island did “The Lost City” filming take place?

As you probably have suspected, the filmmakers did not discover and film the movie in a long-lost city on a lonely island. There is no doubt, however, that wherever the picture is set, there is an abundance of beautiful views to behold. All of this raises the issue of where “The Lost City” was filmed.

On which island did "The Lost City" filming take place?

According to IMDB, the production took place almost exclusively in the Dominican Republic. This is not the first time the island has hosted a major Hollywood production.

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You may be familiar with the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” and “Furious 7” that was filmed there. In reality, a 2007 film titled “The Lost City” directed by Andy Garcia and starring Andy Garcia was also shot here.

Where were the waterfalls filmed for “The Lost City”?

During a sequence in which Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum traverse breathtaking waterfalls, the Dominican Republic’s natural splendor is on full show. Visiting the falls should be on the schedule of everyone.

On which island did "The Lost City" filming take place?

The Salto de Socoa waterfalls are among the most picturesque on the island, according to Fantrippers. You may find them in the community of Bayaguana only 40 minutes outside of Santo Domingo. Unsurprisingly, they are a popular tourist attraction.

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Not only are waterfalls fantastic for romantic comedies, but they are also usually the location of marriage proposals!

Where did they shoot “The Lost City’s” village?

As they dance the night away in a village while on the run from Daniel Radcliffe’s wicked Abigail Fairfax, our heroes find themselves becoming closer. This moment of peace in the town is convincing enough to make you wonder where “The Lost City” was filmed.

On which island did "The Lost City" filming take place?

The true site of this settlement, according to Screen Rant, is Altos de Chavón. Built-in the 1970s, the town is a reproduction of 16th-century Mediterranean communities. Frank Sinatra once gave a concert titled “Concert For The Americas” in the stadium located there.

Where did they shoot “The Lost City’s” beach?

Channing Tatum wearing a full-on Fabio-style wig while riding a white horse is a scene from the film that is unforgettable. This beach, according to Conde Nast Traveler, is Samana and is located on the country’s northern shore. It is one of the few beaches that the booming tourism industry has kept entirely undeveloped.

Where did they shoot "The Lost City's" beach?

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Samana has been included in a few additional films due to its prominence as a Caribbean beach location. Most recently, M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old” and numerous seasons of the television reality show “Survivor” were filmed in Samana.

Where was the “The Lost City” cave filmed?

At the conclusion of the film, Bullock and Tatum escape “Lost City” via a network of caverns and underwater grottos. According to Conde Nast Traveler, it was originally three distinct places that were merged into a single area.

Where was the "The Lost City" cave filmed?

The first was an underground network of tunnels at Scape Park. The filmmakers picked the Iguabonita Cave part of these tunnels. For the moments in which they were wading through water, they used caves situated in Los Haitises National Park near Samana. Los Haitises was featured in the classic film Jurassic Park!

The remaining underwater sequences were captured at Pinewood Studios in Juan Dolio. While the majority of the film was shot on location in a variety of exotic locales on the island, certain scenes had to be filmed on soundstages. Or, in the case of the water sequences in the grotto, the water tank at Pinewood Studios.

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