Where was Amazon Prime's "I Want You Back" filmed?


Where was Amazon Prime’s “I Want You Back” filmed?


Amazon has released its latest romantic comedy just in time for Valentine’s Day. Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate) are two strangers who meet at a bar after being dumped by their respective spouses Anne (Gina Rodriguez) and Noah (Scott Eastwood).

When the jilted lovers realize that their previous partners have happily moved on, they devise a scheme to destroy their former partners’ new relationships.

Peter and Emma find consolation in one another while they travel. I Want You Back takes place in a city, but where was it shot? Here is everything we know about the filming sites for I Want You Back.

I Want You Back- Filming Location

The production of “I Want You Back” takes advantage of Georgia’s growing film industry, filming in and around Atlanta, Savannah, and Decatur. In an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta, some of the film’s cast described their positive experiences on set.

“I believe it was a brilliant idea that our director, Jason Orley, had when he said, “Let’s spotlight Atlanta for Atlanta.” Atlanta is a lovely and contemporary city, yet it also has a timeless and romantic quality. Therefore, it is an ideal city for a romantic comedy, “remarked actor Charlie Day.

Manny Jacinto, the co-star, remarked, “It has both the vegetation and the rainfall. However, with the rain comes to the lushness of nature. It is the ideal combination of a large city with trees, parks, and the BeltLine… It is really a wonderful site.”

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Gina Rodriguez joined her fellow cast members in praising Georgia. “I grew up at Inman Park,” she said. “I cherished it so much. I utilized the BeltLine daily. And we shot in Savannah, which was just beautiful. Consequently, I was such a huge admirer that I said, “Do we need to live here?”

According to The Cinemaholic, in Atlanta, the actors and crew filmed various scenes in the Plaza Theater, located at 1049 Ponce De Leon Avenue North East, and at the Publico Atlanta restaurant, located at 1104 Crescent Avenue North East.

Scenes in Savannah were harder to locate, but the actors and crew still had a good time filming, sharing their positive experiences on Instagram.

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Also apparently filmed in Decatur, a city in DeKalb County, was I Want You Back. Several sequences were filmed in Decatur Square, which is located in the city’s downtown. Despite being a smaller city than Atlanta and Savannah, Decatur is renowned for its fine food and several breweries and distilleries.

As much as moviegoers may fall in love with I Want You Back’s characters, they may also fall in love with the beautiful state where the film was shot!


I Want You Back is now available to view on Amazon Prime.

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