Where to Watch I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 2? What Happened in Episode 2?

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Where to Watch I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 2? What happens in Episode 2?


I’m Jazz season 8 will start this week with a brand-new episode. In this episode, Jazz uses dating apps despite her mother’s objections. I Am Jazz season 8 episode 2 details are available here.

Where to Watch I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 2?

The second episode of season 8 of I’m Jazz aired on TLC on January 31. TLC is currently airing I Am Jazz. At approximately 9:03 p.m. CT and 10:03 p.m. ET, the program airs. With a Discovery+ subscription, I Am Jazz is available to stream on-demand on YouTube TV and Amazon. Viewers in the UK can watch the program on Discovery+.

What Happen in I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 2?

I am Jazz chronicles Jazz Jennings’ life, who at a young age emerged as a leader for the transgender community. Jazz feels the need to assert herself about her life in season 8 because her parents appear to have difficulty letting go just a little.

Jazz joins an online dating service in a social media trailer for the upcoming Mommy Dearest episode. Her experience, though, is very different from what she had anticipated. When she matches with someone who takes a while to reply, Jazz is annoyed by the content of their message. She read the explicit homophobic and transphobic remarks from the texts to her friends.

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Where to Watch I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 2? What Happened in Episode 2?

The I am Jazz star’s bio states that she is “transgender,” but the user swiped right on her only to insult her for who she is.
The upcoming episode’s synopsis is as follows:

“Jazz asserts her freedom after her mum crashes the after-party, but when she locks in a date with a new suitor amid a hailstorm of transphobia, her world comes crashing down around her, and there’s only one person she wants.”

She wonders how people can hate someone for something they have no control over as she speaks with her friends about it. Jazz continues, “This is who I am as a person.” She goes on to say to her friends that her mother would be disappointed in the message.

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She claimed that she told her—acting in imitation of her mother—that people are cruel and that dating apps are risky.

Another scene shows Jazz and her friends at a club when they learn that Jazz’s mother is outside. They also comment on how worried she appears. When the I am Jazz cast member learns that her mother is nearby, she is shocked and goes to meet her.
She admitted it in her confessional:

“What the h*** is my mom doing here?”

Jazz queries her mother as to why she is there, to which her mother replies that she should be at the beach. Jazz informs her that after the beach, they decided to visit the Selfie Museum.

She admitted in her confessional that she is 21 years old, has been out late, and despite her repeated attempts to talk to her parents, she is at a loss for what to do. Since her parents are concerned about her, her mother advises her to keep in touch.

Jazz asks her mother if she’ll ever stop tracking her location after learning that her mother found her using the tracker on her phone.

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