How to Watch Babylon


Where to Watch Babylon Online?


Through the lens of Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle, Babylon transports viewers to the early years of Hollywood.

It is Chazelle’s most ambitious production to date, but as said in our Babylon review, that ambition culminates in a three-hour film that will be “one viewer’s favorite film of the year and another’s disastrous foe.”

This afternoon, Babylon will be released in U.S. theatres with early showtimes. Take a look at the material below if you’re curious about how and where you can view it yourself.

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Where to Watch Babylon Online?

The American premiere of Babylon will take place this afternoon, with early showtimes and a wider distribution scheduled for December 23. Examine the local showtime schedules at the links below to learn when and where you can view the movie locally

AMC Theaters
Cinemark Theaters
Regal Theaters

Babylon Streaming Release Date

Babylon is not currently accessible to stream online, but it will be added to Paramount+ in the future, according to the streamer. However, no official date for its streaming debut has been announced.

Babylon' Review: Boozing. Snorting. That's Entertainment!? - The New York Times

With the exception of Top Gun: Maverick, which will join the streaming service on December 22, nearly seven months after its theatrical launch, the firm releasing Babylon published its 2022 slate on Paramount+ following each movie’s regular 45-day theatrical window.

If Top Gun is an aberration because of its extraordinary box-office performance, Babylon might arrive on Paramount+ as early as February 7. We’ll keep this page updated with any official streaming announcements.

What’s the Story of Babylon?

Babylon is the fourth movie that director Damien Chazelle has made. He won an Oscar for Best Director for his work on La La Land. Here is Paramount’s official summary of the plot of Babylon:

Babylon is an original epic that takes place in Los Angeles in the 1920s. Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and Diego Calva star, and Jovan Adepo, Li Jun Li, and Jean Smart are also in the cast. It follows the rise and fall of several characters during a time when Hollywood was full of decadence and vice.

The Cast of Babylon

Damien Chazelle wrote Babylon and also ran the show. The following people are in it:

  • Jack Conrad, played by Brad Pitt
  • Margot Robbie as Nellie LaRoy
  • James McKay, played by Tobey Maguire
  • Diego Calva as Manny Torres
  • Elinor St. John, played by Jean Smart
  • Jovan Adepo as Sidney Palmer
  • Lady Fay Zhu, played by Li Jun Li
  • Olivia Wilde as Ina Conrad

Rating for Babylon

The film Babylon has been given a rating of R due to its intense and explicit sexual material, graphic depictions of nudity, severe and bloody violence, extensive drug use, and pervasive language. Including the closing credits, the running time of the movie is a total of 3 hours and 8 minutes.

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