When Will the Last of Us Season 1 Episode 3 Be Released on HBO Max?

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When Will the Last of Us Season 1 Episode 3 Be Released on HBO Max?


One of the most important sounds heard in The Last of Us was also heard in this episode. It’s the sound made by a Clicker. This sound will be associated with danger. A Clicker is what happens when a person is infected for an extended period of time.

They’ve lost their sight, but their hearing is second to none. Worse, they aren’t easily killed, and a standard gun won’t stop them. This is why Ellie, Joel, and anyone else are moving as quietly as they can.

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid their gaze. Fortunately, they’re scattered throughout the game. Hopefully, The Last of Us will be the same. You don’t want to overwhelm them.

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Two episodes of HBO’s The Last of Us can now be watched and streamed on HBO Max. After such an amazing start to the show, which is based on the popular video game series of the same name, fans are wondering when they will be able to watch Episode 3. Here’s what we know so far about the next installment’s release date and time.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The Last of Us opens with a flashback for the second episode in a row, this time set close to the series premiere. 24-September-2003. The Jakarta government knows the zombie apocalypse is coming days before anyone else.

Mycologist Ibu Ratna (Christine Hakim) investigates flour and grain factory violence. She has studied spores and fungi her whole life and knows there is no cure—the only way to save humanity is a “Bomb.” Bombing. Bomb this city and everyone.”

Neil Druckmann directs Craig Mazin’s “Infected.” That opening recalls Mazin’s Chornobyl, which was about smart people sacrificing for the greater good. Many died, but Eastern Europe wasn’t irradiated. Ibu Ratna’s warning comes too late, and the series takes place in a terrible world she couldn’t prevent.

When Will the Last of Us Season 1 Episode 3 Be Released on HBO Max?

Why start there this week? As with the John Hannah prologue in the premiere, context is useful for all the gory, scary things Joel, Ellie, and Tess experience in 2023. However, the scientist’s certainty that this infection cannot be treated contradicts Joel’s reason for taking Ellie west.

The Firefly doctors think she may be the key to creating a vaccine to protect future generations from this plague because she is immune.

Joel scoffs, having heard similar gossip. Throughout the hour, he gives up. He only believes in the present. He can only think about one step, then another, and maybe another.

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His daughter’s trauma makes him afraid to care about Ellie. After 20 years in the ruined world around him, he is afraid to hope for anything. After surviving a zombie fight, Tess says, “For once, maybe we can actually win?” Joel won’t listen.

Ironically, Tess should feel hopeless after that fight. She is infected, and the only way to save Joel and Ellie is to blow herself up and hope to take enough zombies with her. This gives Joel another reason to feel like life is all lost and despairing.

Before Tess dies, we spend time with them as a trio. Anna Torv’s performance is so vivid and well-matched to Pedro Pascal’s, even though Tess is less guarded than Joel, that as someone who didn’t know the game, I thought the show would be about them protecting Ellie. Torv’s performance makes Tess’ death more devastating than it should be after two episodes.

The episode’s biggest achievement is making Ellie a person rather than a vaccine incubator. We learn more about her as the three heroes cross Boston(*). Even in the past, she behaves like a child. She’s profane, curious about the past and present, and manages to enjoy herself despite all odds. She is not feral or unrecognizable as a teenager in 2023.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

When Will the Last of Us Season 1 Episode 3 Be Released on HBO Max?

On Sunday, January 29, at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, and 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, HBO will broadcast The Last of Us episode 3. The HBO Max streaming service will launch it simultaneously everywhere it is accessible around the world.

Where to watch The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 3?

The Last of Us will be broadcast on HBO and streamed on HBO Max in the United States. The series is available to stream on NOW in the UK using the Entertainment Pass and on Sky Atlantic.

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