When Will the Flash Quit Netflix in the United States?


When Will the Flash Quit Netflix in the United States?

James Williams

Most parts of the world now have all of The CW’s The Flash on Netflix. The US just got season 9 last week. The show will be on Netflix in the near future, but it won’t be there forever. Here’s when we think The Flash will leave Netflix for good.

Since 2014, Grant Gustin has played The Flash on the DC character show The Flash on The CW. He has fought dozens of bad guys and crossed over with many of the other DC shows on The CW, which together are called The Arrowverse.

Before we get into the details, it’s important to know how The Flash got to Netflix.

Outside of the US, Netflix bought the show on its own, and most countries have it as a Netflix Original. Netflix doesn’t own the rights to the movies, but it does have an exclusive contract for a certain amount of time. Each season was always on Netflix about nine days after the last episode of the season. On June 1, 2023, Season 9 was released.

In the U.S., Netflix got The Flash as part of a deal with the TV network The CW for more shows. Again, it was just licensed for a set amount of time. Most of the time, Netflix picked up new shows once a week in these areas.

When Will the Flash Quit Netflix in the United States?

We know of two times when seasons 1–9 of The Flash could leave Netflix. As we’ve talked about before, The CW shows often stay on Netflix for the first five years after they end on network TV. That would mean that the term would stop being used on June 1, 2028.

When Will the Flash Quit Netflix in the United States?

But we’ve heard that the title could leave Netflix as soon as 2027, with December 30, 2027, as the earliest date set so far. Check out our full guide to removals to learn more about when shows and movies from The CW have come to and left Netflix over the years.

When Will the Flash Disappear From International Netflix?

For people outside of the United States, you’ll have at least three more years to watch the series. We’ve done research that says some countries, like Canada and France, will lose the show as early as August 2026, while others, like the Netherlands, will keep it until 2027.

When the show leaves Netflix, where will you be able to watch it? Based on all the shows that have been taken off The CW so far, Max (which used to be HBO Max) seems like the most likely place for them to end up since that is where most DC shows air.

The Flash Season 9 Came to Netflix in June 2023

The Flash season 9 was set to come out on Netflix on Thursday, June 1.

The Flash was still one of the Netflix shows with new seasons available on Netflix US eight days after the season ended. This had been going on for years, but it seemed like the deal was coming to an end when Netflix and The CW made a deal. This was because The CW was getting rid of some of its older shows.

When Will the Flash Quit Netflix in the United States?

On June 1, all nine seasons of The Flash were added to Netflix. There was never a better time to watch the popular Arrowverse series again. I thought that was the best show in the Arrowverse ever. Some people might differ, but I think The Flash was the most complete DC show on The CW. The first few seasons of The Flash were some of the best superhero shows ever made.


The CW’s The Flash has been on Netflix since 2014 but could leave as soon as 2027. Outside of the US, some countries will lose the show as early as August 2026, while others will keep it until 2027. The Flash Season 9 was added to Netflix in June 2023, making it the most complete DC show on The CW.

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